You.Com Introduces Subscription Plan for Cutting-Edge AI Search Chatbot

**Unlimited Access to GPT-4 and Stable Diffusion XL with YouPro Subscription** Revolutionizing the Search Experience and Challenging Google’s Dominance

*Socher’s Vision: Giving Back Control to Users*

NLP authority Richard Socher launched in 2020 with the intention of challenging Google’s dominance in the search engine market. In a recent interview, Socher emphasized that a crisis for users presents an opportunity for entrepreneurs. He believed that the timing was right for a new search experience, as Google has increasingly kept users within its own applications and pages. was introduced as a search engine that gives users control over their search results and privacy settings.

*Expanding Functionality and Applications on*

In December, Socher opened to application developers, adding new functionalities to the search engine. These included well-known apps such as weather forecasting, custom apps that provided summaries of information across large web forums, and new generative AI apps that assist users in writing, coding, and creating images. This expansion turned into an open dashboard for managing our digital lives.

*The Rise in Popularity and User Adoption*

After the release of ChatGPT, there was an explosion of interest and experience with conversational web search. Users were prepared to break away from the Google habit, some even quitting altogether. Socher reported a significant increase in users and queries per day, with hundreds of thousands of users turning into several millions. To highlight’s popularity, a Chrome extension was installed by a quarter-million individuals to change their default search functionality in the navigation bar.

*Subscription Model: Building a Viable Business and Sharing Revenue*

Socher’s primary goal is to build a long-term, viable business. Unlike the Silicon Valley mindset of scaling quickly as a free service and then monetizing through advertising, Socher opted for a different entrepreneurial approach. He believes that subscriptions are the new and improved source of revenue. Socher emphasizes the importance of generating revenue to be able to reach a certain level of growth in the search engine space and foster revenue sharing.

*The Superiority of A Chat-First, Feature-Complete Search Engine*

Socher argues that is ahead of both established large competitors and small new participants in the search engine market. He describes other players as mere thin wrappers around open AI APIs. By integrating various applications with, the search engine can facilitate deeper conversations with YouChat through a multi-modal display of relevant information. This integration reduces the likelihood of generative AI chatbots providing incorrect, made-up answers.

*The Power of YouPro: Demonstrating the Potential of Chat-First Search Engines*

Socher is excited about YouPro and intends to showcase the capabilities of chat-first search engines in the coming months. YouPro offers unlimited access to the latest AI tools, including the highly anticipated GPT-4 and Stable Diffusion XL. It provides an extensive AI model for summarization, reasoning, and problem-solving. Additionally, users can benefit from unlimited AI writing and image generation, including photorealistic images. YouPro also offers personal assistant features, such as tutoring, making it a comprehensive AI companion.

**Join YouPro and Experience the Future of Search with**

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