Everyone Can Now Access Google’s Innovative AI Platform for Generating Content

Google’s Vertex AI platform now offers Generative AI Services for Enterprises
Google Cloud’s Vertex AI, the Machine Learning Platform as a Service (ML PaaS), has announced the General Availability (GA) of their generative AI services. This provides companies with the opportunity to integrate the platform’s capabilities with their applications and customize models to fit their data. Furthermore, Google claims the platform has enterprise-grade data governance, security, and safety features, providing customers with the confidence to build generative AI applications.

New Features and Models
Vertex AI now offers customers access to several new tools and models, including the world completion model driven by PaLM 2, and the Embeddings API for text. The Generative AI Studio allows its users to fine-tune and deploy customized models while leveraging multiple tuning methods for large models, enabling them to build custom generative AI applications much faster.

Model Garden
The Model Garden enables companies to evaluate base models from Google and its partners, as well as offering more than 60 models, with pals for adding newer models in the future. Customers can use the Codey model for code completion, code generation, and chat, which was announced at the Google I/O conference in May, and is now available for public preview.

Real-Life Examples
Several organizations have already started using Google’s generative AI platform. GA Telesis is using the PaLM model on Vertex AI to build a data extraction system that uses email orders to create quotes for customers automatically. GitLab’s “Explain this Vulnerability” feature uses the Codey model on Vertex AI; it gives developers a natural language description of code flaws and suggestions for how to fix them. Canva, the online design tool, incorporates Google Cloud’s generative AI to translate languages and is trying ways to use PaLM technology to turn short video clips into longer, more interesting stories. Vertex AI is also being used by companies like Typeface and DataStax to build new tools for generative AI.

Enterprise Search on Generative AI App Builder (Gen App Builder)
In other news, Google has made the Enterprise Search on Generative AI App Builder (Gen App Builder) easier to use. Companies can use generative AI and Google’s semantic search technologies to make their own chatbots and search engines. The Gen App Builder has starter kits for popular use cases of generative AI.

Security and Privacy
Google assures customers that their data remains under their control and will not leave their tenant. The data is safeguarded during transit and while at rest, and Google will not share it or use it for training their models. Google tests its new models carefully to ensure they meet its Responsible AI Principles, and all of its generative AI services include the user security, data management, and access controls that Google Cloud customers have come to expect.

Competition in Generative AI
Several cloud providers compete in the field of Generative AI, including Microsoft, which is partnering with OpenAI and making significant investments. However, with Google announcing the general availability of its generative AI platform, customers now have the choice to choose the best option for their specific business needs.

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