Así luciría el cuerpo humano después de 70 años de trabajo desde casa; ¡No te agradará!

**Title: The Shocking Impact of Working from Home: A 3D Model Reveals the Physical Effects**


Are you ready to discover the shocking physical effects of decades of working from home? In this eye-opening video, we unveil a grotesque 3D model named “Anna” that depicts the toll that remote work takes on the human body. As millions have found the “flavor” of working from their homes, it’s time to understand the long-term consequences.


In a groundbreaking initiative, furniture adwork developed a 3D model called Anna based on extensive research conducted by the University of Leads. This model presents a dire reality for the future workers who choose the home office over the traditional office space.

According to the images, the worker of the future will exhibit a hunched posture, darkened and almost lifeless eyes, swollen hands resembling claws, all due to the relentless use of a computer mouse. These physical transformations are a result of years spent toiling in the confines of a home office, neglecting the benefits of an office environment.

Not only does Anna illustrate the physical repercussions, but she also signifies the detrimental effects of constant exposure to technology, prolonged screen time, poor posture, and potential mental health issues. It is alarming to note that a third of UK office workers lack a dedicated and comfortable workspace in their homes, exacerbating these negative impacts.

The consequences go beyond mere physical alterations. Anna’s body has also experienced weight gain, a weakened immune system, and the onset of various psychological disorders such as depression and anxiety, as revealed by the research conducted by the University of Leads.

This video sheds light on the reality of remote work and encourages viewers to reflect upon the importance of a balanced work environment. Are we sacrificing our well-being, both physically and mentally, for the convenience of the home office? Watch this thought-provoking video to learn more about the shocking effects of working from home.

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*Source: [University of Leads Research]( – [*Authority Link*](*

Ahora que millones le han encontrado “sabor” a trabajar desde sus hogares, una compañía ha sacado a la luz un grotesco modelo en 3D al que llamo “Anna” que muestra los resultados físicos en el cuerpo humano tras décadas de laborar bajo esta modalidad en lugar de ir a la oficina.

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