Discover the Money-Saving and Time-Efficient Benefits of Microsoft’s AI-Powered Shopping Tools

**AI-Powered Shopping with Microsoft: Getting the Best Deals and Making Knowledgeable Decisions**

Online shopping can often be a challenging experience, with countless choices and unreliable product reviews. This can make it difficult to confidently make purchasing decisions, especially for high-ticket items. However, Microsoft aims to alleviate these challenges and bring more joy to shopping by harnessing the power of artificial intelligence (AI). With Microsoft Edge’s built-in shopping features such as Coupons, Cashback, Price History, and Price Comparison, shoppers worldwide have saved a total of $3.7 billion in the last year. Additionally, Microsoft estimates that U.S. shoppers can save an average of $400 per year using Microsoft Edge.

**New Microsoft Shopping Tools: Enhancing the Shopping Experience**

In June, Microsoft introduced new shopping tools for Bing and Edge that empower consumers to shop and save with confidence. Leveraging the capabilities of AI, these tools simplify the process of finding, researching, and completing purchases, all within a single platform. This is especially beneficial when shoppers are unsure of their specific requirements or preferences.

For instance, if you’re searching for college supplies, Bing’s AI-powered Shopping Assistant can provide a comprehensive buying guide. This guide, which remains unbiased towards Microsoft products, offers insights into various categories such as laptops, backpacks, and mini fridges. It suggests product options, highlights their specifications, and presents them in a convenient “smart compare table.” This allows shoppers to quickly compare different options without having to navigate through multiple websites.

**Tailored Recommendations and Review Summaries: Making Informed Choices**

Let’s say you’re in the market for noise-canceling headphones. With prices ranging from $30 to $300 and varying specifications accompanied by conflicting reviews, it can be challenging to make a decision. In such cases, Bing’s AI-powered Shopping Assistant comes to the rescue. By utilizing Bing Chat in the Edge sidebar, you can receive key considerations such as sound quality, fit, and device compatibility. Once you’ve identified a pair you’re interested in, Bing Chat can provide summarized review points from multiple sources through “Review Summaries.”

Furthermore, Bing helps you find the best available price. Edge enables automatic application of coupons and cashback during online shopping, directly through Bing Chat. Moreover, the Edge sidebar’s Package Tracking feature allows you to conveniently monitor your purchases without sifting through your email inbox for shipping confirmations and tracking numbers. Microsoft’s upcoming “Price Match” feature, scheduled to launch in the Fall, continues to support shoppers even after their purchase. It continually monitors the price of your purchase and leverages integrated retailers’ price match policies to help you request a refund if you qualify. If eligible, the tool will automatically generate the necessary documentation and initiate a refund request.

**Continuous Improvement: Advancements Through AI**

Microsoft’s shopping tools are designed to evolve and improve over time. By collaborating with OpenAI and leveraging updates to GPT-4 and beyond, Bing benefits from the advancements made in natural language processing and understanding. Additionally, Microsoft incorporates valuable feedback from the community to make its own updates, ensuring that the shopping tools meet evolving consumer needs and preferences.

**Surface Laptop 5: Ideal for AI-Powered Shopping**

While Microsoft’s AI tools are compatible with Macs and Chromebooks, they are pre-installed on Microsoft’s own laptops. The latest iteration, the Surface laptop 5, is an excellent choice for AI-powered shopping, in addition to work and entertainment. This device boasts exceptional speed and a sleek design. Available in 13.5″ or 15″ touchscreen options, the 15″ version is optimal for split-screen multitasking. Furthermore, users can personalize their Surface laptop with various colors, including sage and sandstone. Depending on the device’s size, the battery life can last up to 18 hours. The enhanced camera experience, powered by new Windows 11 interactive features, automatically adjusts to lighting conditions, skin tones, and even subtle changes in your physical position. Additionally, calls become clearer with the device’s dual far-field Studio Mics. Microsoft has also focused on sustainability, ensuring that the latest Surface laptop is designed to last longer, with easily replaceable or fixable parts when necessary.

**Elevate Your Online Shopping Experience with Microsoft AI**

With Microsoft’s AI-powered shopping tools, shoppers can overcome the challenges of online shopping, make confident decisions, and find the best deals. By utilizing features like Coupons, Cashback, Price History, and Price Comparison in Microsoft Edge, consumers worldwide have collectively saved billions of dollars. With continuous improvements and advancements driven by AI, Microsoft’s shopping tools are set to make online shopping a more enjoyable and informed experience. Whether you choose to explore Bing’s buying guides, leverage Bing Chat for tailored recommendations and review summaries, or take advantage of Edge’s automatic coupons and cashback, AI can help you navigate the vast online marketplace and optimize your shopping journey. Upgrade to the Surface laptop 5 for an exceptional AI-powered shopping, productivity, and entertainment experience.

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