Make a Positive Impact Every Day! The Individuals and Institutions that Rescued the World Scout Jamboree

**Boy Scouts Jamboree: A Tale of Poor Preparation and Unexpected Support**

**Root Causes of Preparation Failures**

The recent Boy Scout World Scout Jamboree held at Saemangeum in South Korea was marred by poor preparation and a lack of basic facilities. The event saw an exodus of attendees, including the USA and British contingents, due to unbearable conditions such as extreme heat, inadequate food supply and storage, sanitation issues, and insufficient medical care. The causes of these failures in preparation are currently under investigation, with issues such as joint planning across multiple chairpersons without a central authority, ignored warnings, and mismanagement of funds being highlighted as root causes.

**Unexpected Support from Various Agencies and Organizations**

Despite the shortcomings of the organizers, numerous agencies and organizations stepped in to salvage the World Scout Jamboree experience. The U.S. Embassy in Seoul played a crucial role in providing support, with U.S. Ambassador Philip Goldberg and other officials offering resources and ensuring seamless coordination with the South Korean government. The U.S. military presence in South Korea, specifically the U.S. Army Garrison at Camp Humphreys, provided crucial assistance by accommodating the American Scouts and volunteers after their departure from the Jamboree site. Camp Humphreys offered hot meals and security measures, which was a stark contrast to the initial conditions at the Jamboree site.

**Gratitude for Support and Alternative Experiences**

Many Scouts and their parents expressed disappointment and anger when the conditions at the Jamboree site became apparent and further intensified after the departure of the USA and U.K. contingents. However, despite these challenges, alternative experiences were organized to ensure that the Scouts still had a valuable and memorable time. Scouts from various countries, including the U.K. contingent, were housed in different locations throughout South Korea and had the opportunity to participate in various activities and cultural events. The U.K. Scout Organization, the Seoul mayor, the local Korean government, and the U.K. Foreign Office were among the organizations that stepped up to create alternative programs that allowed the Scouts to explore South Korea and learn important life skills.

**Spontaneous Activities and Engaging Experiences**

While the schedule for the Jamboree was not released in advance to protect the youth, various activities were organized on short notice for the Scouts. These activities included visits to water parks, professional baseball games, factory tours, innovation centers, and gourmet banquets hosted by Korean food brands. The Scouts were warmly welcomed at these events, with employees applauding their presence. In addition, cultural shows and private K-pop concerts were arranged, allowing the Scouts to immerse themselves in Korean culture and entertainment.

**Government and Community Support**

The South Korean national and regional government, along with the greater community, displayed overwhelming support for the Scouts. Each contingent was assigned a Korean government ministry to cater to their needs and provide a fulfilling experience. The Korean people have been incredibly supportive, with community members taking an interest in the well-being and engagement of the Scouts. Additionally, numerous organizations, companies, and individuals within the Camp Humphreys community and throughout South Korea donated food, blankets, and other essential items to ensure the comfort and well-being of the Scouts during their stay.


Despite the significant failures in preparation for the Boy Scout World Scout Jamboree in South Korea, various agencies, organizations, and individuals stepped in to provide support and salvage the experience for the Scouts. These efforts included alternative activities, cultural experiences, and essential services to ensure the Scouts’ well-being. The support from the U.S. Embassy, the U.S. military, the South Korean government, and the local community played a crucial role in turning a potentially disastrous situation into a valuable and memorable experience for the Scouts.

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