Turing Empowers Human Potential with AI-Powered Tech Services

**Turing: Revolutionizing the Tech Services Landscape with AI-Powered Innovation**
Innovative Workplaces: Turing’s Success Story
Jonathan Siddharth, the CEO of Turing, has propelled the company to be recognized as one of the most innovative workplace companies in 2021 by Fast Company. Turing, alongside industry giants like Asana, Atlassian, Gitlab, Slack, and Zoom, stands out as an international hiring platform that brings together remote software developers, utilizing their AI vetting process to match them with the right teams and projects. In an exclusive interview with Siddharth, we explore Turing’s AI-powered tech services platform and their mission to unlock the untapped potential of individuals worldwide.

**Transforming the Tech Services Landscape for the AI-Driven Era**
Insufficient Capabilities of Traditional Tech Service Firms
Turing’s inception was catalyzed by the realization that traditional tech service firms were ill-equipped to thrive in the AI-driven era. Firms like Accenture continue to rely on manual processes for talent sourcing, vetting, and matching. Recognizing this gap, Turing aims to revolutionize the industry. According to Siddharth, AI transformation has become the new digital transformation. Every company, regardless of its nature, needs an AI strategy to stay competitive in the evolving market. However, existing tech service firms lack the efficiency and effectiveness that AI can bring. Turing, on the other hand, was purposefully built as an AI-powered company, reimagining tech services from the ground up.

**Turing’s Unique Approach to Tech Services**
Leveraging AI for Talent Acquisition and Project Success
Turing offers a range of services to its clients, which include notable companies such as Disney, Johnson and Johnson, and Rivian. Their platform combines an expansive pool of over two million developers with AI algorithms to streamline the talent acquisition process, ensuring the right fit between developers and companies. Additionally, Turing GPT, their AI-powered tool, enhances the productivity of software engineering teams. Siddharth emphasizes that Turing’s AI transformation experts play a crucial role in assisting companies on their journey towards adopting AI. By leveraging their vast database of pre-vetted talent, Turing provides staff augmentation, custom project development, and AI advisory services to shape companies’ AI strategies and roadmaps.

**Jonathan Siddharth: From Chennai to Stanford – A Journey of Innovation**
A Passion for Innovation from an Early Age
Jonathan Siddharth’s affinity for innovation became apparent at a young age. Hailing from Chennai, India, he delved into the world of AI early on, publishing his first research paper on neural networks for self-driving cars in 2002, during his sophomore year. After completing college, Siddharth pursued his Ph.D. at Stanford, where he met Vijay Krishan, now Turing’s CTO, and his co-founder. Together, they embarked on their entrepreneurial journey, starting their first company, an AI-powered content recommendation company.

**Finding Talent Beyond Silicon Valley**
The Spark that Ignited a Revolution in Remote Work
During their time in Silicon Valley, Siddharth and Krishan faced challenges in recruiting top engineering talent. To overcome this hurdle, they decided to look beyond the Silicon Valley bubble and explore talent from around the world. This decision proved to be a turning point, as they found success by working with engineers from Poland, Canada, India, China, and other countries. The experience solidified Siddharth’s belief in the potential of remote work and distributed teams, long before it became a necessity in 2020. Reflecting on this realization, Siddharth saw an opportunity to solve the problem on a larger scale, culminating in the birth of Turing in 2018.

**Turing’s Paradigm of Flexibility and Efficiency in Engineering**
Not Just a Recruiting Company: Turing’s Unique Approach
It’s important to note that Turing is not a traditional recruiting company. Rather, it offers a platform where companies can access a pool of engineers on a contractor basis for staffing or project needs. Siddharth envisions that a significant portion, around 20-40%, of a tech company’s engineering team should be composed of long-term full-time contractors like those available on Turing’s platform. This approach offers speed and flexibility, allowing organizations to scale their engineering teams as needed. For instance, by hiring multiple engineers from Turing, an organization can simultaneously develop applications for iOS, Android, and the web, saving time and optimizing efficiency. Siddharth highlights the cost-saving advantage of Turing’s approach, as companies can easily scale up or down without the expenses associated with hiring, training, and potentially firing employees.

**Turing’s Astonishing Growth and Future Endeavors**
On a Trajectory of Success with Unleashed Potential
Turing has experienced remarkable growth, evident in its recent funding rounds. With a valuation cap of four billion dollars, the company has achieved unicorn status, having raised approximately 144 million dollars in funding. Siddharth plans to utilize these funds to enhance and expand their AI-powered vetting and matching engine, with a particular focus on research and development. Turing aims to empower individuals through the development of an AI-powered self-service system, allowing users to build their engineering teams through interactive consultations with Turing.

In conclusion, Turing stands at the forefront of innovation in the tech services industry, leveraging AI to revolutionize talent acquisition and project success. With its unique approach, Turing provides companies worldwide with the agility, efficiency, and flexibility needed to thrive in the ever-evolving technological landscape. As they continue on their trajectory of success, Turing’s AI-powered solutions are set to redefine the future of tech services and unleash the world’s untapped human potential.

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