Revaia Emerges as the New Identity for Gaia Capital Partners (16/9)

## Revaia Announces Europe’s Largest Female-Founded VC Fund | Sustainable Growth and Investment Opportunities

Revaia, formerly known as Gaia Capital Partners, celebrates a significant milestone in the investment world. The company has successfully closed their first growth fund at an impressive €250 million, surpassing their initial target of €200 million. This remarkable achievement has solidified Revaia as Europe’s largest female-founded Venture Capital (VC) fund.

As part of their commitment to sustainable growth and ethical investment, Revaia aims to unveil the future leaders of the European tech industry. In line with this mission, they have rebranded themselves as “Revaia” to symbolize their dedication to shaping the future of tech in Europe.

With keywords such as growth, private equity, venture capital, scale-up, startup, sustainability, ESG, investment, and fund associated with this video, Revaia’s latest announcement presents a compelling opportunity for viewers interested in these areas.

In the video, Revaia expresses gratitude towards their investors and entrepreneurs who have been integral to their success thus far. The closing of their first fund marks a significant milestone and provides a strong foundation to propel European tech leaders to greater heights.

Revaia’s ambitions extend beyond this achievement, as they envision a future where sustainability is at the core of the European tech ecosystem. To support this vision, they will be expanding their team in Paris and Berlin, focusing on both investment and operations. By building a robust portfolio and actively revealing the full potential of their investments, Revaia aims to create a positive and impactful presence in the industry.

This evolution of their brand into “Revaia” signifies an exciting momentum for the company. It represents their commitment to taking action, driving innovation, and achieving ambitious goals while staying true to their values.

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Revaia, formerly known as Gaia Capital Partners, announces the final closing of its first growth fund, Europe’s largest female-founded VC fund, at €250 million, exceeding its initial target of €200 million. Furthermore, the sustainable growth equity fund has taken a new name in the form of “Revaia” in line with its mission to reveal the future European tech leaders.

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