Revaia (Social Media) Emerges as the New Identity for Gaia Capital Partners

**Revaia: Europe’s Largest Female-Founded VC Fund Exceeds Initial Target**

Revaia, formerly known as Gaia Capital Partners, is proud to announce the final closing of its first growth fund, surpassing all expectations. With a total fund size of €250 million, Revaia has become Europe’s largest female-founded venture capital fund. This achievement is a testament to our unwavering commitment to sustainable growth and our mission to uncover the future leaders of the European tech industry.

As a sustainable growth equity fund, Revaia has bridged the gap between public and private markets, providing significant support to European tech companies that align with our conviction and values. Through the dedication and vision of our incredible team, we have been able to exceed our initial target of €200 million. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to our supportive investors who have guided us with their advice and unwavering support, and to the visionary entrepreneurs who have pushed boundaries and propelled us forward.

The final closing of our first fund marks a significant milestone for Revaia, providing a solid foundation to propel the growth of European tech leaders. However, our journey does not end here. We have exciting projects ahead of us as we morph from Gaia, the earth goddess, into Revaia, the embodiment of our dream to be a positive force within the tech ecosystem. Our ambition for the future is to spread sustainability throughout the European tech industry.

To achieve this, we will be expanding our team, hiring new members in Paris and Berlin, both in our investment and operations teams. By strengthening our resources, we can continue to build a robust portfolio and unlock the full potential of the companies within it. Our vision for the future is to ignite seismic change, revving the engines of growth and becoming even more visionary in our approach. We are already inspired to think about our next fund, which will aim to have an even greater impact on the European tech landscape.

The evolution of our brand into Revaia is an exciting moment filled with momentum, urging us to take action and continue making a difference. Join us on this journey as we revolutionize the landscape of European tech through sustainable investment and unwavering dedication.

Revaia, formerly known as Gaia Capital Partners, announces the final closing of its first growth fund, Europe’s largest female-founded VC fund, at €250 million, exceeding its initial target of €200 million. Furthermore, the sustainable growth equity fund has taken a new name in the form of “Revaia” in line with its mission to reveal the future European tech leaders.

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