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**[Revaia: Europe’s Largest Female-Founded VC Fund Announces Final Closing of €250 Million Growth Fund](source)**

Revaia, formerly known as Gaia Capital Partners, is thrilled to announce the successful final closing of its first growth fund, solidifying its position as Europe’s largest female-founded venture capital fund. With an impressive €250 million raised, surpassing the initial target of €200 million, Revaia is primed to fuel the growth of European tech leaders and make a lasting impact in the industry.

Committed to sustainable growth and driven by a mission to reveal the future European tech leaders, Revaia has taken a powerful new name, symbolizing their aspiration to be a positive force within the ecosystem. By combining high ambitions for European tech companies with unwavering sustainability values and ethics, Revaia is set to revolutionize the private equity and venture capital landscape.

Building on the success of their first fund, Revaia has ambitious plans for the future. As part of their growth strategy, they will expand their team with new hires in Paris and Berlin, focusing on both investment and operations. By strengthening their presence in key European tech hubs, Revaia aims to spread sustainability throughout the continent’s tech ecosystem and uncover hidden potential in their portfolio companies.

Revaia’s journey has been made possible by the incredible support and vision of their investors and entrepreneurs. With boundless energy and dedication, they have exceeded expectations and continue to push boundaries. As they enter this new chapter, Revaia remains committed to staying true to themselves while dreaming even bigger. Their next fund promises to be even more impactful, setting the stage for an exciting future of driving positive change within the European tech sector.

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Revaia, formerly known as Gaia Capital Partners, announces the final closing of its first growth fund, Europe’s largest female-founded VC fund, at €250 million, exceeding its initial target of €200 million. Furthermore, the sustainable growth equity fund has taken a new name in the form of “Revaia” in line with its mission to reveal the future European tech leaders.

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