Analyst claims Disney’s revenue flywheel is powered by content creation

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**Title: Disney’s Q1 Earnings Release | Tigress Financial Partners CIO Ivan Feinseth | Yahoo Finance**

Tigress Financial Partners CIO Ivan Feinseth joins Yahoo Finance Live anchors Pras Subramanian and Dave Briggs to discuss Disney’s Q1 earnings release. In this video, they provide insights into Disney’s performance and highlight the key factors driving the company’s success.

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#Disney #youtube #yahoofinance
Tigress Financial Partners CIO Ivan Feinseth joins Yahoo Finance Live anchors Pras Subramanian and Dave Briggs to discuss Disney’s Q1 earnings release.
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  1. “You start running, they will never let you stop. You stand up, push back. Can’t say no forever, right?”

    Steve Rogers

    “On your left.”

    Steve Rogers

    Dear Mr. Iger,
    Fans have been pushing back at your content of late. They have continued to stand up for what they believe in too. I think they will remain Spartan in their desire to see quality story telling offered to them at a price they can afford that is worthy of the time they spend with it.

    Two points I see as running on the part of Lucasfilm are the lack of streaming of Star Wars Celebration and skipping Celebration next year and the first episode of The Mandolorian season three having such a lack luster run time. Fan engagement for some at Lucasfilm seems as difficult as getting an out of touch politician to attend a town hall hosted by their own constituents. Representatives answer to their constituents and the people who work at Lucasfilm would make the company a better place if they made the rounds to engage with fans in person and digitally. Sure, you may end up having fans vocalize their distaste for some employees but I encourage those employees not to dodge it. It will make Lucasfilm stronger to reflect on how it has failed fans. And fans will have a choice to make about each new piece of content building upon the last. Will Lucasfilm lay bricks to build paths or wall themselves away from fans? I hope plans are changed for Celebration.

    As for the run time of first episode of The Mandalorian season three I see a real reason to use the screen crawl again as introduced in “A New Hope.” The episode sounds awful with retelling and telling rather than showing. And unnecessary recapping that makes for wasted time, even a little character reincarnation. I’m disappointed by many who rated the episode so high and wish more would be tougher on the content. Especially since this is a show returning after two years which has been billed to be a top draw on Disney +.

    If Disney / Lucasfilm are “On the left.” then fans are certainly “in the right” how you make these phrases mesh to exist side by side is up to you Mr. Iger.

    Why don’t you hire a farm boy from the Midwest who believes in what Mr. Lucas built. If you hope better years are ahead for Lucasfilm then I have the stories you will need to discover a new hope. I’m waiting for a chance to pitch my ideas and doing so may be Disney’s chance to renew faith in an audience that has been lost.

    If Disney wants Star Wars to have a heartbeat then I have the stories to serve as the defibrillator and Disney need only hire me to get Lucasfilm back on track. The cinema is where Star Wars belongs and then branches elsewhere.

    May the Force be with you always.

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