Revaia is the new name for Gaia Capital Partners as of September 16th.

**[Revaia: Europe’s Largest Female-Founded VC Fund](**

*Revaia, formerly known as Gaia Capital Partners, proudly announces the final closing of its first growth fund. As Europe’s largest female-founded venture capital fund, we have surpassed our initial target of €200 million, reaching an impressive milestone of €250 million. Our commitment to sustainable growth and societal impact is reflected in our new name, “Revaia,” as we strive to reveal the future European tech leaders.*

In this video, we take you on our journey, where we have carved a unique investment strategy that aligns ambition with sustainability values and ethics. Our team’s unwavering energy and innovative ideas have bridged the gap between public and private markets, delivering extraordinary results in just three years.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to our investors for their unwavering support and invaluable advice. Likewise, our visionary entrepreneurs have pushed boundaries, fueling our success. Reaching this monumental milestone sets a robust foundation to propel European tech leaders to new heights.

But our aspirations don’t stop here. Revaia, the embodiment of the earth goddess Gaia, symbolizes our dream to be positive forces within the ecosystem. Our ambition for the years ahead is to spread sustainability practices throughout the European tech ecosystem. To achieve this, we will expand our team in Paris and Berlin, strengthening both our investment and operations divisions. This growth will enable us to venture into new geographies, broadening our portfolio and unleashing the full potential of our investments.

As we rev up our engines, we invite you to join us on this visionary journey. Our focus on sustainable growth, coupled with our commitment to doing good, creates a unique opportunity for those seeking to make a significant impact. Be part of the momentum as we evolve into Revaia and take action together.

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*Source: [Revaia’s Official Website](*

Revaia, formerly known as Gaia Capital Partners, announces the final closing of its first growth fund, Europe’s largest female-founded VC fund, at €250 million, exceeding its initial target of €200 million. Furthermore, the sustainable growth equity fund has taken a new name in the form of “Revaia” in line with its mission to reveal the future European tech leaders.

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