Nick Crocker: Unveiling the Power of Investment Conviction | Startup Playbook Ep109

**Title: Unlocking Entrepreneurial Success: Insights from Nick Crocker, General Partner at Blackbird Ventures**

**Description:** In this episode of the Startup Playbook Podcast, Rohit Bhargava interviews Nick Crocker, the General Partner of Blackbird Ventures. Nick is a successful founder and has been involved in several acquisitions, including We Are Hunted (acquired by Twitter) and Sessions (acquired by MyFitnessPal).

Nick shares his insights on various topics including performance coaching for founders, refining cultural values, assessing investment deals, and the importance of storytelling to investors.

Join Rohit and Nick as they dive deep into the world of startups, venture capital, and successful entrepreneurship.

– [00:00](source-link): Introduction to Nick Crocker, General Partner of Blackbird Ventures and his successful entrepreneurial journey.
– [02:25](source-link): Importance of performance coaching for founders and how it can drive success.
– [07:45](source-link): Blackbird Ventures: Refining cultural values and creating a supportive ecosystem for startups.
– [13:12](source-link): Assessing investment deals: How Blackbird looks for conviction in founders.
– [18:03](source-link): The power of storytelling and its impact on investors.
– [23:40](source-link): Q&A session with the audience, where Nick shares additional insights and advice for entrepreneurs.

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My guest for Episode 109 of the Startup Playbook Podcast (and returning back to the show) is the General Partner of Blackbird Ventures, Nick Crocker.

Prior to joining Blackbird, Nick was a successful founder. He was the Co-founder of We Are Hunted (acquired by Twitter) and Sessions (acquired by MyFitnessPal).

After MyFitnessPal was acquired by Under Armour for $475M, he went on to lead their Product Strategy and Operations in San Francisco.

I initially interviewed Nick for Ep39 of The Startup Playbook Podcast in March 2017, shortly after he had moved back to Australia to join Blackbird VC as a Venture Partner for the (at the time) $230M fund.

Since then, Nick has become a General Partner at Blackbird Ventures (now a $500M venture capital firm) that counts companies such as Canva, SafetyCulture, Culture Amp and Zoox as part of its portfolio.

Nick sits on the boards of Culture Amp, Nura, XY Sense, Applied, Bellish, Startmate and Eucalyptus.

In this interview we spoke about a range of topics including:
– the importance of performance coaching
– how Blackbird refined and defined its cultural values
– how Blackbird looks for conviction when assessing investment deals
– the importance of storytelling to your investors
& much more!

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