Mehran Zaker, Venture Capitalist at Emerald Technology Ventures, to Speak at EX VENTURE NIGHT Speaker Series

**EX Venture Speaker Series: Connecting the Brightest Minds and Change-Makers in Corporate Venture, Clean Technology, and Energy Transition**

Welcome to the EX Venture Speaker Series, curated by Julien Uhlig. Join us as we bring together the most innovative minds and influential individuals in the fields of Corporate Venture, Banking, Venture Capital, and Angel Investing. We’ll be showcasing the most promising Clean-Technology and Energy Transition companies from around the world.

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**Episode Transcript:**

*Julian here from beautiful Changu Bali and I’m joined by Miranda Zacker from Zurich. Welcome back from vacation! How are you?*

Thank you, Julian. It’s a pleasure talking to you. We’re happy to be here. I’m very good, fresh from vacation, excellent, full of energy to change the world and accelerate growth.

*Emerald Ventures: Investing in Energy, Water, Materials, Mobility, and Manufacturing Technologies*

Let’s talk about Emerald Ventures, the global venture fund invested in energy, water, advanced materials, mobility, transportation, and industrial manufacturing technologies. With over 20 years of experience, Emerald brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the table.

*Our Investment Focus and Expertise*

At Emerald Ventures, we focus on Series A and Series B investments. We seek out companies with proven products, established business models, and the potential to scale and expand globally. We bring more than just capital to the table; we provide valuable industry insights and a vast network acquired over our two decades in the field.

*What Makes Emerald Ventures Successful*

One of the keys to our success lies in our experience. With 20 years under our belt, we understand the dynamics of the industry and what it takes to thrive. Additionally, our vast network of 24 multinational corporate backers enables us to access invaluable resources and collaborate closely with startups.

*Building Internal Expertise and Scaling Businesses*

In recent years, we’ve focused on building internal expertise in the areas we invest in. This allows us to better understand the technologies and industries we work with, ultimately helping startups scale their businesses. By investing in startups we truly understand, we can provide tailored support and guidance.

*Investment Timeline and Long-Term Approach*

While we aim for successful exits, we understand that energy transition and sustainable businesses often require a longer timeline. With a focus on making a meaningful impact, we’re willing to be patient, with an average investment timeline ranging from three to five years.

*Exciting Technologies and the Future of Energy Transition*

When it comes to future technologies, there are a few areas that excite us at Emerald Ventures. The transition to clean energy, whether through electric solutions or other green alternatives, presents numerous opportunities. Additionally, automation and increased efficiency in energy consumption capture our attention, as they pave the way for a more sustainable future.

*Getting on Our Radar and Joining the Syndicate*

If you believe Emerald Ventures might be a good fit for your technology company, reaching out is simple. Shoot us an email or connect through our website. Make sure to share your story and explore how we can potentially support your growth. While we can’t invest in every company, we review each one with care and provide valuable feedback.

*Building Successful Syndicates*

At Emerald Ventures, we believe in the power of a successful syndicate. As lead partners or part of a larger group of investors, we strive to support startups in building a strong network of investors. We often collaborate with other VC firms and strategic investors to bring a wide range of skills and perspectives to the table.

**By speaking to Miranda Zacker from Emerald Ventures, Julien Uhlig dives into the world of corporate venture, clean technology, and energy transition. With over two decades of experience, Emerald Ventures offers invaluable insights and investment opportunities in areas such as renewable energy, series A/B funding, and more. Watch the video to learn how to connect with Emerald Ventures and join their successful syndicate of investors in revolutionizing the future of sustainable businesses.**

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EX Venture Speaker Series by Julien Uhlig, brings together the brightest minds and change-makers in the field of Corporate Venture, Banking, Venture Capital and Angel Investing with the most promising Clean-Technology and Energy Transition Companies in the world. You can find out more at and you can join our cleantech community at

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