Perspective of Venture Capital in 2020 – WebinUP 12

**Webinar: The State of Venture Capital in Spain in 2020**

In this insightful webinar, join Jordi Altimira as he moderates a discussion with industry experts Roger Piqué from Inveready, Borja Breña from Nauta Capital, Miguel Sanz from Encomenda, and Silvia Baró from LANAI Partners. Together, they delve into various topics including their forecasts, upcoming actions, and their thoughts on government support for businesses during these challenging times.

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**Key Moments in the Webinar**:
– 00:00 Introduction
– 2:29 Venture Capital trends in 2020
– 29:40 The upcoming wave of Venture Capital
– 45:20 Investments by Venture Capital in Startups
– 52:00 Implications of investments at different startup stages
– 58:56 Entrepreneurial measures during the current situation
– 1:05:30 Final positive messages
– 1:15:36 Farewell from the webinar

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Get ready to gain insights from industry experts as they discuss the current state of venture capital in Spain. Don’t miss out on this valuable opportunity to learn and grow your business!

Webinar que hemos hecho Jordi Altimira con Roger Piqué de Inveready, Borja Breña de Nauta Capital, Miguel Sanz de Encomenda y Silvia Baró de LANAI Partners. Se han tocado temas como qué previsiones tienen, qué acciones van a tomar, qué opinión hay sobre las ayudas del Gobierno entre otros muchos.

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Momentos Importantes:

00:00 Presentación
2:29 Tendencia del Venture Capital en el 2020
29:40 La nueva oleada que se viene con los Venture Capital
45:20 Inversiones de los Venture Capital en Startups
52:00 Implicación de las inversiones según fases de Startups
58:56 Medidas de emprendedores ante la situación actual
1:05:30 Mensajes positivos finales
1:15:36 Despedida del webinar

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