Celina endures severe storm with power outage caused by spin-up in DFW area

**Check out this incredible footage of a Celina spin-up and power flash captured by Pallavi Dhiraj Banerjee during the severe storms! 🌩️**

The intensity of the weather phenomena depicted in this video is simply mind-blowing. As the storms raged on, the camera was able to catch the powerful spin-up and the breathtaking power flash in action. 🎥

Witness the sheer strength and energy of nature as you get a front-row seat to this incredible weather event. The footage showcases the raw power and beauty of Mother Nature, leaving viewers in awe. ⚡

For weather enthusiasts and stormchasers, this video is a must-watch. Gain a deeper understanding of severe storms and their fascinating characteristics. Immerse yourself in the world of weather and appreciate the awe-inspiring forces at play. 🌪️

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Don’t miss out on witnessing this extraordinary Celina spin-up and power flash. Hit that play button and prepare to be amazed! Remember to like, share, and subscribe for more incredible weather content. Stay safe and tuned in for more thrilling storm footage. 🌬️

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Pallavi Dhiraj Banerjee shot video of this Celina spin-up and power flash during the severe storms.

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