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## Fifth Wall: Seed Funding for Startups – Everything You Need to Know

In this informative video, Sarah Liu, a Partner on the Real Estate Technology Early Investment team at Fifth Wall, provides valuable insight into seed funding for startups and the intricate process of raising venture capital in the real estate industry.

Discover the fundamentals of seed funding and how it acts as the first institutional capital injection from a venture fund, contrasting traditional methods of raising funds from individuals, families, and friends. Sarah breaks down the pre-seed stage, where bootstrap funding and support from angel investors may come into play.

Join Sarah as she explains how Fifth Wall has evolved its approach to seed funding in recent years. Explore the changing landscape of proptech startups, including increased technology adoption and a more open-minded attitude from corporate partners. Discover how Fifth Wall’s expertise and operational support make them an ideal partner for seed-stage companies.

Gain insights into the unique advantages and opportunities associated with early-stage investing. Learn about Fifth Wall’s mission to establish strong relationships with exceptional founders and invest in areas that align with their investment thesis and market predictions. Additionally, Sarah highlights the exciting potential of web3 and blockchain technology in creating innovative solutions for real estate ownership and the metaverse.

While acknowledging the risks and challenges of seed-stage investing, Fifth Wall remains committed to identifying promising startups that they can support throughout their journey, ideally leading or co-leading subsequent funding rounds. With a few successful businesses, the potential to achieve significant returns on investment is within reach.

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Sarah Liu, Fifth Wall Partner on the Real Estate Technology Early Investment team, shares everything you need to know about seed funding for startups and how entrepreneurs raise venture capital.

Statements and opinions herein are not necessarily those of Fifth Wall and Fifth Wall makes no representation or assurance that forward looking statements, forecasts or projections are correct, will be achieved. Recipients of this information should not treat it as tax, regulatory, accounting, legal, investment or any other advice, and it should not be relied on as such. Nothing herein constitutes an offer to sell or solicitation of an offer to buy investment interests in any Fifth Wall managed vehicle.

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  1. Jim here Sarah…props to Fifth Wall on the decision to put skin the game sooner.
    Better to be early on catching a start up that's about to take off than be late or miss it completely!
    Quick question…when it comes to investing in seed round raises, have Fifth Wall's metrics changed on how you decide to invest compared to an A, B, or C round raise or do you just reverse engineer your successful investments time series KPIs and look for those to sync?

    Best regards from Ballarat – JNN

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