Spirit strike’s impact on economy analyzed by economic professor

**Title: Impact of Spirit Strike on Wichita’s Economy – Analysis by Nick Nelson**

In this video, Nick Nelson provides an in-depth analysis of the ongoing strike by Spirit Aerosystems workers in Wichita, Kansas. With 85% of union members voting in favor of the strike, the streets outside Spirit have been filled with protesters expressing their grievances. Nelson discusses the potential impact of this strike on the local and national economy, shedding light on the ripple effects it may have on suppliers and contractors in the aviation industry.

Watch this video to understand the magnitude of this strike and how it could affect the region.

– 0:00 Introduction
– 0:45 Street protests and activism outside Spirit Aerosystems
– 1:22 Concerns around the lopsided vote and its implications
– 2:10 Expert opinion on the potential damage to the regional and national infrastructure
– 3:05 Strategies for a faster recovery post-strike
– 4:00 The significance of Spirit as Boeing’s primary supplier and the impact on Boeing’s stock prices
– 4:45 Federal mediator’s involvement and its importance in the negotiations
– 5:30 Wrap-up and conclusion

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This video transcript aims to provide valuable information for viewers interested in understanding the impact of the Spirit strike on Wichita’s economy. The analysis presented is based on in-depth research and expert opinions. For more updates on this topic, subscribe to our channel and stay informed.

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After 85% of union members voted to strike, they’ve spent the weekend on the streets outside Spirit.

Story by Nick Nelson

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