CAT3 – #20 – Pearl : Ce chef-d’œuvre cinématographique est un trésor !

In the 20th episode of “Catégorie 3”, I delve into Ti West’s film “Pearl” (2023). This prequel to his previous film “X” explores the youth of a character central to the horror saga. Set during the 1918 Spanish flu pandemic, the film follows Pearl, a young woman trapped in a farm with her controlling mother and disabled father.

The narrative unfolds with a series of unsettling events that lead Pearl down a dark path, culminating in a chilling climax that showcases Mia Goth’s intense performance. The film’s aesthetic, reminiscent of classic melodramas with a twist of colorful technicolor, sets it apart from its predecessor.

As a fan of horror cinema, I had high expectations for “Pearl”, but found myself slightly underwhelmed. While the orchestral score and Gothic atmosphere added to the film’s eerie tone, I felt that the character development lacked depth, making Pearl’s descent into madness feel abrupt.

Overall, “Pearl” offers a unique take on the horror genre and sets the stage for the upcoming installment, “Maxine”. With rumors of a new visual aesthetic inspired by the likes of Dario Argento, I look forward to seeing how the saga evolves in the next chapter. Despite my reservations, I give “Pearl” a final rating of 7/10.

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