APAX Development Fund II by Béranger Mistral is Open to CGPs Starting from 100,000 Euros.

# APAX Partners Launches New Private Equity Fund and Democratizes Investment for Private Investors

APAX Partners, a French-based investment firm, has announced the launch of its Apax Development Fund II, which aims to democratize private equity investment in France. This fund is accessible to private investors and wealth management professionals, with a minimum investment of 100,000 euros.

Béranger Mistral, the Associate Director of Development at APAX Partners, has discussed the fund and its goals in an exclusive interview with Le Courrier Financier at Patrimonia 2022, held in Lyon.

The Apax Development Fund II targets small-cap businesses across four sectors: technology, consumer goods, services, and healthcare. With a focus on impact investing, the fund aims to support the growth of these businesses over a four to five-year period.

APAX Partners has a history of managing nearly 5 billion euros in assets, and using strategic expertise across several impact areas (digital transformation, sustainable development, consolidation, and internationalization), it aims to help these companies thrive.

The fund has already experienced strong growth, with two companies (Panda Finance and Made in Black) recently added to its portfolio. Panda Finance is a leader in cash management brokerage, while Made in Black specializes in cybersecurity solutions.

With a team of 12 professionals, APAX Partners has built a competitive platform that delivers on its investment strategy. The Apax Development Fund II aims to address the needs of private investors and wealth managers alike, as its democratization of private equity investment continues to take shape in France.

*Source:* [Le Courrier Financier](

Avec le lancement du FPCI Apax Development Fund II, APAX Partners (APAX) s’inscrit dans une dynamique de démocratisation du Private Equity en France. Ce fonds est désormais accessible aux conseillers en gestion de patrimoine (CGP) à partir de 100 000 euros.

Béranger Mistral, Directeur Associé Development chez APAX Partners (APAX), répond aux questions du Courrier Financier. Cet entretien a été mené le jeudi 29 septembre 2022, dans le cadre de la 29e édition du Salon Patrimonia à Lyon.

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