Developing an E-Commerce Application with Spring Boot, Angular, and MySQL

Check out my final year project presentation on building a comprehensive e-commerce application using Spring Boot, Angular, and MySQL. This project showcases various key features such as JWT authentication, Angular Material, Auth Interceptor, and Resolver.

Key Features and Technologies:

  1. Spring Boot: Creating a strong backend API with RESTful services.
  2. Angular: Developing a dynamic and responsive front-end.
  3. MySQL: Efficient data storage and management.
  4. JWT Authentication and Authorization: Secure user authentication with JSON Web Tokens.
  5. Angular Material: Enhancing the user interface with polished components.
  6. Auth Interceptor: Handling HTTP requests and adding authentication tokens.
  7. Resolver: Pre-fetching data for improved user experience when navigating routes.

Check out the Github link for this project!

In this video, I walk you through the application, from listing products to authentication and ordering process. I demonstrate how the backend roles are set to restrict user access. The Auth Interceptor saves tokens in the header section and handles errors seamlessly.

I show the checkout process with Razer pay integration for secure transactions. Users can add reviews, manage orders, and update their profiles easily. Experience the full functionality of this e-commerce application and explore the technologies used in detail.

Don’t miss this insightful presentation on building an e-commerce application with cutting-edge technologies. Watch now for a deep dive into project development and implementation!

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