Talis Capital’s Next Generation Conference 2019: Unveiling the Future

**[Talis Capital – Next Gen Consumer Conference: Investing in Gen Z](**

Welcome to Talis Capital’s venture capital investment firm, where we take smart money from the world’s most successful entrepreneurs and strategically invest it in early-stage technology companies. In late November 2019, we hosted a groundbreaking conference in the heart of Soho, focusing on the Next Gen Consumer – specifically Gen Z, the youth culture segment aged 16 to 23. With Gen Z projected to make up 40% of the US population by next year and already wielding $144 billion in direct spending, with an influence on $600 billion in family spending, it’s clear that understanding and catering to this generation is paramount.

Gen Z is the first truly connected generation of digital natives, living in an integrated and real-time world. Social media is their natural habitat, and they embrace it effortlessly. What sets this generation apart is that 2008 marked a pivotal year for them, as they turned 13, coinciding with the release of the first iPhone. This cohort values authenticity, transparency, and community, while also seeking to balance their individuality with staying on top of trends. Great Gen Z brands need to embody ethics, aesthetics, affordability, and make an impact on social media. Leveraging technology and data to better understand and serve this generation is the key to success.

Watch this insightful conference for valuable insights on venture capital, Gen Z, and the future of technology. Learn how businesses can adapt and thrive by aligning with the next generation of consumers. Subscribe to our channel for more informative content on tech and entrepreneurship.

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Talis Capital is a venture capital investment firm that takes smart money from some of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs and invests it strategically in early-stage technology companies.

Late November 2019, Talis Capital welcomed guests to a conference on the Next Gen Consumer in the heart of Soho. Gen Z is a core youth culture segment made up of those who are aged 16 to 23 today. By next year, Gen Z will make up 40% of the US population and it already represents $144bn of direct spending whilst also influencing $600bn of family spending.

This is the first truly connected generation of digital natives, living in an integrated, real-time world and completely comfortable with social media. 2008 was a landmark year for this generation — not because of the financial crisis, but because they turned 13 in 2008, the year the first iPhone came out.

Certain buzzwords kept recurring: authenticity, transparency, community. There’s a clash between doing your own thing and being deemed irrelevant. Following trends too slavishly is not hot, ignoring them entirely is not cool. What makes a great Gen Z brand: well, it’s a mix of ethics, aesthetics, individuality, affordability, social media impact and keeping on top of trends. Brands that can understand this and use technology and data to better cater to the next generation will be the ones that win.

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