Over 65% of Leading AI Enterprises Boast Immigrant Entrepreneurs

**Immigrants Fuel Artificial Intelligence in America by Founding Top AI Companies**

*New research shows immigrants as the driving force behind the growth of AI in the United States, with a majority of the country’s top AI companies being founded by immigrants. Analysts suggest that welcoming immigration policies can further bolster America’s leadership in AI and other technology sectors.*

Immigrants and the Rise of AI Companies

According to a recent analysis by the National Foundation for American Policy (NFAP), immigrants and/or their children have founded or cofounded nearly two-thirds (65%) of the top AI companies in the United States. The study also found that 77% of the leading U.S.-based AI companies were established by immigrants or their offspring. These findings highlight the significant contributions of immigrants to the development of the AI industry in the country.

The research, authored by NFAP, involved interviews and gathering information about the 43 U.S. companies listed on Forbes AI 50. Forbes AI 50 is a compilation of the most promising startups that focus on the business applications of artificial intelligence. Additionally, a study carried out by NFAP in July 2022 revealed that immigrant entrepreneurs have started more than half of the billion-dollar companies in the United States, including several in the AI field.

The Need for Immigration Reforms to Foster AI Leadership

The Final Report of the National Security Commission on Artificial Intelligence, released in 2021, advocates for immigration reforms to ensure America’s success in the global talent competition. The commission recommends the creation of a startup visa and a significant expansion of high-skilled temporary visas and employment-based green cards. The report emphasizes the importance of human capital advantages in the AI field, where the demand for talent exceeds supply. The commission’s chair and vice chair, Eric Schmidt and Robert Work, assert that highly skilled immigrants play a crucial role in accelerating innovation, improving entrepreneurship, and generating employment opportunities in the United States.

Immigrant Entrepreneurs and Diversity in the AI Industry

The immigrant entrepreneurs behind the top AI companies in America hail from various countries, showcasing the diversity of talent that contributes to the growth of the industry. The research indicates that Indian immigrants lead the way, with ten of the top U.S.-based AI companies founded by individuals from India. Immigrants from Israel and the United Kingdom follow closely, with three AI companies each. Additionally, founders from Canada, China, France, and several other countries have played a significant role in establishing top AI companies in the United States.

Collaboration of U.S.-born and Foreign-born Talent in AI Companies

OpenAI serves as an excellent example of U.S.-born and foreign-born talent joining forces to create cutting-edge AI companies. The company’s founders include individuals born in the United States, Canada, South Africa, and Poland. OpenAI, valued at $29 billion, operates with 375 employees and is renowned for developing ChatGPT, a chatbot integrated into the Bing search engine by Microsoft.

The Impact of AI-focused Businesses Founded by Immigrants

The immigrant-founded AI companies contribute to a wide array of products and services in various sectors. For instance, Pachama utilizes AI and satellite data to estimate carbon stored in forests. Diego Saez Gil and Tomas Aftalion, both born in Argentina, founded the company in 2018. Databricks, on the other hand, focuses on analytics and data storage, employing five U.S.-born founders and immigrant founders from Iran, Romania, and China. Ashutosh Garg, an Indian-born entrepreneur, has achieved a remarkable feat by founding two companies valued at over $1 billion: and Bloomreach. These companies specialize in talent management and acquisition and employ 500 and 1,200 people, respectively. Numerous other immigrant-founded AI companies use artificial intelligence for sales, farming, construction, drug discovery, and medical diagnostics.

A Promising Future for AI Productivity

Experts believe that the impact of generative AI on productivity will be highly positive. A report by Martin Neil Baily, Erik Brynjolfsson, and Anton Korinek from the Brookings Institution anticipates significant productivity effects brought about by generative AI. They expect that this technology will not only increase productivity levels but also accelerate future productivity growth.

In conclusion, immigrants form a crucial part of the AI landscape in America, with their contributions as founders and cofounders of top AI companies. Welcoming immigration policies and implementing necessary reforms are vital in sustaining America’s leadership position in AI and other technology sectors. The diversity of talent and the collaborative efforts of U.S.-born and foreign-born individuals further strengthen the AI ecosystem. The ongoing advancements in AI technology offer promising opportunities for increased productivity and future growth.

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