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**[Title: “Finn Murphy: Journey to Becoming a Partner at Frontline Ventures | EUVC Podcast”]**

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In this episode, we have the pleasure of welcoming Finn Murphy, the newly appointed General Partner at Frontline Ventures, one of Europe’s leading B2B Enterprise VC firms. With a background in product and growth marketing, Finn brings a unique perspective to the world of venture capital, driven by his passion to identify and nurture the best new business ideas in Europe and the US.

But Finn’s journey to becoming a partner at Frontline Ventures wasn’t a conventional one. As a teenager, he dreamed of becoming a professional ocean racer, which taught him valuable lessons about resilience, teamwork, and adapting to challenging environments. After excelling in Mechanical Engineering and Mathematics at Trinity College, Finn embarked on a series of startup ventures, each contributing to his growth and knowledge. Eventually, this path led him to venture capital, where he found his true calling with Frontline Ventures.

In this episode, Finn shares invaluable lessons and insights from his time at Frontline Ventures. He discusses how he and the firm adapted to the bull market over the past few years, both in Europe and during the COVID-19 pandemic. Finn also dives into the topic of collaboration in the VC industry and shares his thoughts on fostering collaboration with co-investors, including the cyclical nature of collaboration as markets fluctuate.

Additionally, Finn highlights why being a junior in the industry can be a strength, emphasizing the importance of cultivating personal relationships that extend beyond one’s current venture fund. He gives advice to aspiring managers looking to make partner, stressing the significance of playing a long-term game and building a reputation over time.

If you’re interested in learning from Finn’s journey and drawing key lessons for your own VC career, this episode is a must-listen!

**Key Topics Discussed in this Episode:**

– Finn’s journey at Frontline Ventures and insights for aspiring VCs aiming for partnership.
– Adapting to the bull market and facing challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic.
– Collaboration in the VC industry and strategies for fostering fruitful partnerships.
– The advantages of being a junior in the industry and the importance of personal relationships.
– Responsibilities of a fund manager and considerations in portfolio construction.

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Meet Finn Murphy, newly-named GP at Frontline Ventures, one of Europe’s leading B2B Enterprise VC firms. Finn is a true “Product-&-Growth-Marketing-Person” turned VC – Looking to find and help grow the best new business ideas in Europe & the US. As a teenager, Finn wanted to be a professional ocean racer after which he went on to ace Engineering & Maths at Trinity College, then start a series of startups and finally go into VC with Frontline Ventures.

In this episode you’ll learn:

– Finn’s journey and learnings with Frontline drawing key lessons for VCs aspiring to make partner
– How Finn and Frontline adapted to the bull market that has been characterising the last few years and extenuated during Covid.
– How Finn thinks about collaboration in VC, how to foster it with fellow co-investors and his analysis of why collaboration seems to come and go as markets go up and down
– Why being a junior in the industry can actually be a strength and why you should remember that your relationships are yours, not your fund’s… until you make partner that is.

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