DistillerSR: Revolutionizing Healthcare Research with AI-Powered Evidence-Based Solutions

**DistillerSR: Streamlining Systematic Literature Reviews with AI**

DistillerSR, a Canadian AI pioneering company incorporated in 2008, has developed an advanced AI system to automate the complex process of conducting literature-based evidence generation. This revolutionary platform supports over 300 customers, including top research organizations and 70% of the top 10 Pharma and medical device companies. By leveraging AI technology, DistillerSR has successfully improved operational inefficiencies in the health technology sector. In this article, we will delve into the roots of DistillerSR’s business idea, explore customer experiences, uncover lessons learned by the entrepreneurial CEO, and shed light on the cultural values that guide DistillerSR’s journey as a global software leader in systematic, intelligent literature reviews.

**Origins of the Business Idea**

The idea for DistillerSR arose while Peter O’Blenis, the CEO and Founder, was working at a previous company that provided clinical trial data management software. This company had an office in a research hospital where a research team was conducting systematic literature reviews. Through this experience, O’Blenis recognized the challenges of conducting manual research and saw an opportunity for automation. Although lacking domain expertise, O’Blenis and his team collaborated with knowledgeable individuals to develop an innovative solution for the market.

**DistillerSR’s Product Offerings**

Systematic literature reviews are crucial for evidence-based healthcare, particularly in the pharmaceutical and medical device markets. These reviews are essential for product approval and regulatory compliance. However, traditional methods of conducting literature reviews are time-consuming and prone to errors. DistillerSR addresses this issue with its AI-enabled, regulatory compliant platform. By using DistillerSR, organizations can significantly accelerate their time-to-completion, reduce errors, and gain transparency throughout the process, leading to high-quality, sustainable regulatory coverage.

**Memorable Customer Experiences**

DistillerSR has had numerous memorable experiences with its customers. One example involves a medical device manufacturer who discovered that their product was causing harm to patients. DistillerSR was brought in as part of the remediation process, helping the manufacturer monitor the literature more effectively. This partnership has lasted for several years, demonstrating the trust and value placed in DistillerSR. Another notable experience occurred during the Covid-19 pandemic when the Canadian governmental agency responsible for Covid-19 health policy needed to continuously monitor and analyze the vast amount of new evidence being published. DistillerSR’s workflow automation capabilities and integrated AI systems allowed the agency to filter through the literature rapidly, informing public policy on a timely basis.

**New Release Capabilities**

DistillerSR aims to provide its customers with significant advancements in capturing and reusing data. Currently, many organizations perform their literature review work in separate silos, resulting in duplicated effort and data management challenges. DistillerSR’s platform enables different groups to collaborate transparently in real-time, reducing overall workload and accelerating completion time. The company is also developing more advanced data extraction features that utilize a human-in-the-loop approach. This approach ensures accuracy in data sets, as humans oversee the automated process of reading full-text documents and identifying key data elements.

**Perspective on ChatGPT and Generative AI**

In the world of AI, generative AI has raised people’s expectations and accelerated the adoption of AI technology. However, it is essential to approach adoption cautiously and responsibly. DistillerSR’s CEO highlights the importance of using generative AI, such as ChatGPT, for peripheral use cases rather than generating clinical data. It is crucial to recognize the limitations and potential risks associated with the use of such technology.

**Lessons Learned as an Entrepreneur**

Peter O’Blenis shares some valuable lessons he has learned as an entrepreneur. He emphasizes that success lies in solving complex problems with innovative technology, rather than focusing solely on the technology itself. Having a deep understanding of the problem domain is crucial for addressing the subtleties and meeting market demands. O’Blenis also stresses the importance of building a leadership team that strives for excellence and avoids mediocrity. Collaboration, trust, and open communication are essential for fostering a productive and honest work culture. Furthermore, empowering team members and allowing them the autonomy to excel in their respective areas of expertise can drive innovation and success.


The global pandemic has exposed the vulnerabilities and inefficiencies within the health sciences industry, highlighting the need for transformative solutions. DistillerSR has emerged as a game-changer in the systematic literature review process, revolutionizing the way evidence-based healthcare is conducted. With their AI-enabled platform, DistillerSR streamlines the review process, delivering faster results, reducing errors, and ensuring regulatory compliance. By continually advancing their capabilities and prioritizing customer needs, DistillerSR is paving the way for smarter, more efficient literature reviews that have a profound impact on the health technology sector.

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