Philipp Westermeyer from OMR Presents “Digital Unplugged: Exploring Extraordinary Phenomena and Creators of our Time”

**Title**: Startup Insider – Digital Unplugged: Exploring Extraordinary Phenomena and Makers of Our Time with Philipp Westermeyer

Welcome to the 45th episode of “Startup Insider – read only”, where Anna-Lena Kümpel, host and marketing expert, interviews Philipp Westermeyer, founder and CEO of OMR, as he introduces his book “Digital Unplugged: Exploring Extraordinary Phenomena and Makers of Our Time”. In this episode, they delve into the world of digitalization, digital marketing, and how it all connects. Whether you’re a digital professional or someone looking to gain insights into the digital world, this conversation is for you. Join us and enjoy!

– 00:00 Introduction to “Startup Insider – read only” podcast
– 00:30 Anna-Lena Kümpel welcomes Philipp Westermeyer, founder and CEO of OMR
– 01:15 Overview of Philipp’s accomplishments in the online marketing industry
– 02:25 Introduction to “Digital Unplugged: Exploring Extraordinary Phenomena and Makers of Our Time”
– 03:10 Insights into the content and target audience of the book
– 04:55 Philipp’s motivation behind writing a book and his experience with the publishing process
– 06:30 The relevance and timeliness of the book in the rapidly changing digital landscape
– 07:45 Reflections on future projects and the potential for a follow-up book
– 09:10 Philipp’s approach to processing and organizing the stories and anecdotes he encounters
– 10:20 The role of intuition in decision-making and staying true to one’s instincts

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In der 45. Folge von “Startup Insider – read only” sprechen wir mit Philipp Westermeyer, Gründer und CEO von OMR, welcher das Buch “Digital Unplugged: Über außergewöhnliche Phänomene und Macher unserer Zeit” vorstellt.

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