Octopus Ventures, Ada Ventures, and Creative UK: Unlocking Investment in Challenging Economic Times 💵

## **Investment Masterclass: How to Secure Company Investment in 2023**

Welcome to our six-part recession masterclass series! In this episode, we sat down with industry experts from Octopus Ventures, Ada Ventures, and Creative UK to discuss the secrets of securing company investment in 2023. Whether you’re a startup looking to raise investment or an established business searching for fresh funding, this video has got you covered!

### **Investment Strategies That Weather the Storm**

Navigating through uncertain economic times can be daunting, but our experts share valuable insights on how to weather the storm and secure investment. You’ll learn how to articulate your company’s vision convincingly, attracting investors who recognize the potential and value of your business.

### **Delivering the Perfect Investor Pitch**

Crafting an investment pitch that stands out from the crowd is crucial. Our speakers reveal the secrets to creating a pitch that investors want to hear. Learn how to appeal to investors, what key elements to include in your pitch, and how to showcase the unique strengths of your business.

### **Unveiling What Investors Really Look For**

Have you always wondered what investors are looking for in businesses they choose to invest in? Look no further! Gain exclusive insights into investors’ expectations and learn how to position your business to meet them. Our experts analyze over 250 pitch decks and share valuable advice to help you get ahead.

### **Finding Business Investment that Makes an Impact**

Discover the best strategies for finding business investment opportunities that align with your goals and aspirations. Our experts provide practical tips on how to identify potential investors, create compelling business proposals, and establish meaningful post-investment relationships.

Don’t miss out on this invaluable masterclass series! To register for the next session, visit [](

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– [Octopus Ventures](authoritylink1)
– [Ada Ventures](authoritylink2)
– [Creative UK](authoritylink3)

*Transcript of the video:*
> A finder who is able to clearly articulate the vision that they have for their company those will be the founders that are able to secure those valuations in those markets no points pursuing aggressive growth to then run out of cash and not be able to raise or raise

> At such a valuation where it completely wipes out the cap table on any return that farm is going to State the money is important but also what’s the post-investment relationship look like what do they bring to the table and how much do they get in the way of what

> You’re trying to do I look at over 250 pitch decks and two had a risk slide that is absolutely delusional.


As part of our six part recession masterclass series, we spoke with Octopus Ventures, Ada Ventures and Creative UK on how to secure company investment in 2023.

From weathering the storm, to delivering what investors want to hear, we explore how you can achieve investment for your business in 2023.

To register for the next in the series, head here:

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