Lakestar & Cleanhub collaborate at NOAH22 Zurich

**Title: Fireside Chat with Aline Vedder and Joel Tasche on Building the Digital Infrastructure for Sustainable Waste Management at NOAH Conference Zurich 2022**


Welcome to the fireside chat between Aline Vedder, an investor at Lakestar, and Joel Tasche from Cleanhub. Join them as they discuss their scalable solution for plastic pollution and the importance of building a digital infrastructure for waste management. This conversation took place at the NOAH Conference in Zurich 2022.

In this video, Aline and Joel address the challenges faced by consumer goods brands and waste managers in tackling plastic waste. They explain the need to connect these two parties to effectively address plastic pollution in coastal communities. You’ll learn about the motivations driving these efforts and the regulatory changes in the industry. They also touch on the current state of waste management in coastal communities and how Cleanhub’s digital platform aims to enhance this process.

As the global economy shifts towards sustainability, the pressure to create a world fit for the next generation is driving companies and governments to take action. Aline and Joel discuss the growing demand for sustainable solutions, as well as the regulatory developments in waste management. The video highlights the importance of collaboration between those who have the resources and those who need them to bridge the gap in the waste sector.

Cleanhub’s marketplace platform plays a crucial role in facilitating this collaboration. By enabling brands from the global North to engage with waste managers in the global South, they create trust through track and trace technology. This ensures that waste is properly collected and supports the verification of sustainability claims. The video also explores Cleanhub’s plans to expand their platform to create circular supply chains and source resources from waste.

Aline and Joel share their insights on the scalability of Cleanhub’s solution. Despite being a team of only 20 people, they have successfully expanded their operations to three continents and gained customers worldwide. By partnering with local waste management entrepreneurs, they leverage their knowledge of cultural and operational dynamics to establish efficient waste collection systems.

Join Aline and Joel in this fireside chat as they discuss the future of waste management and the role of digital infrastructure in creating a sustainable world.

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1. [NOAH Conference Zurich 2022](source_link) – Learn more about the NOAH Conference and its focus on European digital ecosystems.

2. [Lakestar](source_link) – Discover more about Lakestar, a pan-European VC fund investing in various sectors, including climate tech.

3. [Cleanhub](source_link) – Explore Cleanhub’s scalable waste management platform and their mission to prevent new ocean plastic by 2030.

**Transcript (excerpt):**

*Please note that this transcript has been edited for brevity.*

**Aline Vedder:** Hi, good afternoon everyone! My name is Aline, and I’m an investor at Lakestar. Today, I’m joined by Joel Tasche from Cleanhub. Joel, could you please introduce yourself and tell us what Cleanhub does?

**Joel Tasche:** Yes, absolutely! Cleanhub is focused on finding a scalable solution for plastic pollution. Personally, I grew up near Lake Constance, just 20 kilometers away from the Swiss border. My connection to nature, particularly through activities like sailing and surfing, exposed me to the issue of plastic pollution. After spending some time in the B2B space, I decided to dedicate myself full-time to tackling plastic pollution. We discovered that two billion people worldwide are not connected to waste management systems. This led us to build a scalable waste management platform with the ambitious goal of preventing 50% of new ocean plastic by 2030. Our platform connects consumer goods brands looking for plastic waste solutions with waste managers in pollution hotspots, primarily in the global South.

Source: [Watch the full video transcript here](transcript_link)

Note: The full video transcript is available on the original YouTube video.

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Building the Digital Infrastructure – Fireside Chat with Aline Vedder, Lakestar and Joel Tasche, Cleanhub at the NOAH Conference Zurich 2022, 6-7 December, The Circle.

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