COP26 Illuminates the Significance of Climate Tech Startups – UCLTF Climate Tech Webinar Explores Their Role

**[Title of the Video: The State of Early-Stage Climate Tech Investing: Panelists’ Perspective on COP 26 and the Role of Startups](video-link)**

Are you curious about the future of climate technology and the role startups play in combating climate change? Join us for an excerpt from our insightful webinar, where we discuss the state of early-stage climate tech investing. Our esteemed panelists, Aidan O’ Sullivan, CTO and Co-Founder of Carbon Re; Dennis Atkinson, Investor at BGF; Nicholas Yiu, Associate Business Manager at UCL Business; and Vidal Bharath, COO and Co-Founder of Bramble Energy, share their hopes for COP 26 and the positive impact it can have on our planet’s future.

**Key Discussion Points:**

– The significance of COP 26 in keeping global warming below two degrees Celsius.
– Realistic expectations and the potential for startups to drive change.
– Neater commitments and practical actions from countries like India.
– The importance of near-term goals and strategies for achieving a net-zero future.
– The need for more cooperation, accountability, and inclusivity in climate conversations.

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In this clip from our webinar, ‘The state of early-stage Climate Tech investing’, David Grimm, UCLTF Investment Director, asks the panellists what they are hoping to see come out of COP 26 that would make them positive about the future, and the role that startups have to play in this.

The panellists are:
-Aidan O’ Sullivan, CTO and Co-Founder of Carbon Re, a UCLTF portfolio company helping energy-intensive industries reduce their carbon emissions.
-Dennis Atkinson, Investor at BGF.
-Nicholas Yiu, Associate Business Manager at UCL Business.
-Vidal Bharath, COO and Co-Founder of Bramble Energy, a UCLTF portfolio company powering a Net Zero future with their hydrogen fuel cells.

If you would like to find out more about UCLTF, visit our digital channels:

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