Reinstatement of Amazon Union Organizer Hailed as Victory for the Movement, Defying Efforts to Suppress its Momentum

**Amazon Reinstates Alabama Union Organizer After Firing**

**Amazon Reinstates Alabama Union Organizer** has announced that it has reinstated Jennifer Bates, a union organizer from Alabama, whom they had previously fired for missing work. This decision comes after a full review of her case, and according to an Amazon spokesperson, the appeal process is functioning as intended.

**Background of the Case**

Bates, who works at Amazon’s Bessemer warehouse, was terminated from her position earlier this month. The Retail, Wholesale, and Department Store Union (RWDSU), of which Bates is a leader, claims that her termination was a result of Amazon’s own system failures. Bates had taken medical leave due to work-related injuries, and upon her return, she was unable to submit documentation from her doctors through the company’s human resources app.

**Reinstatement and Back Pay**

Mary Kate Paradis, the Amazon spokesperson, acknowledged that Bates did not provide additional information about her leave when requested, but also stated that the company could have taken steps to clarify its requirements. Bates will be reinstated with back pay and is scheduled to return to work on Monday. Amazon has a similar appeal process available for other employees facing termination.

**Response from Jennifer Bates**

Bates expressed her gratitude for the global support she received during her unjust termination. In a statement released by the RWDSU, she stated that Amazon was wrong in its actions and attempted to suppress the union movement. She emphasized the need for workers to stand up and fight back when under attack, highlighting the victory achieved through collective action.

**Union Vote at the Bessemer Warehouse**

The Bessemer warehouse is the site of an ongoing union vote that has remained too close to call for almost three years. Bates and some of her colleagues initially initiated the union representation efforts. However, the National Labor Relations Board invalidated the first vote due to Amazon’s conduct during the election. The second ballot, held last year, resulted in Amazon leading by a margin of over 100 votes. However, more than 400 contested ballots are yet to be counted, and a hearing before an administrative law judge is scheduled for September.


The reinstatement of Jennifer Bates, an Alabama union organizer, by marks a significant development in the ongoing union representation efforts at the Bessemer warehouse. The case highlights the value of collective action and the need for fair treatment of workers. With the union vote still undecided, the outcome of this extended battle will have implications for labor relations within the company.

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