Skechers Razor ASMR Shooting Training: Full Individual Soccer/Football Training Session

## Soccer Training Drills for Precision and Placement with Skechers Razor FG Boots

In this video, I review the new Skechers Razor FG boots and share my experience breaking them in during a shooting session focused on finishing drills closer to the goal. Emphasizing precision over power, I demonstrate the importance of proper foot placement to master your shots and find the corners with accuracy.

As a soccer enthusiast and player, I believe that honing your skills is key to improving your game. Through individual training sessions like this one, you can enhance your first touch, dribbling, and finishing abilities even when practicing alone at home.

I also want to give a shoutout to WeFoot for providing me with their high-quality grip socks. These socks have become one of my favorites, and I highly recommend checking them out. Don’t forget to use code **GCFC** at checkout for a special discount on WeFoot socks.

If you’re interested in the equipment I use for my training sessions, you can find links to them below:
– iPhone 12 Pro Max for recording: [Camera](
– Tripod for stability: [Tripod](
– Adidas Soccer ball: [Soccer ball](
– Nike ball pump: [Ball pump](
– Nike cones: [Cones](
– Agility ladder: [Agility ladder](
– Agility hurdles: [Hurdles](
– Nike training gear: [Shirt](, [Shorts](
– Gatorade bottle: [Bottle](

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