Five Points Quantum Computing Program with $15M Investment

**Title: South Carolina Quantum Association receives $15M funding to establish Columbia as Quantum Supercomputing Hub**

Welcome to the official channel of News 19 WLTX! In this video, we bring you exciting news about a Columbia non-profit, the South Carolina Quantum Association, receiving a significant $15 million funding from the state budget. This funding aims to transform Columbia into a renowned hub for quantum supercomputing. Join us as we explore the details of this groundbreaking initiative!


Cities like Chicago and Chattanooga have already witnessed the success of similar quantum computing programs, and now it’s time for Columbia to embrace this cutting-edge technology. The Boyd Foundation Innovation Center on Saluda Ave in Five Points will be home to the quantum supercomputer, offering unparalleled access to this revolutionary tool.

But it doesn’t stop there! The $15 million funding will also be utilized to create an extensive program focusing on education, research, and workforce development centered around quantum computing. Renowned tech entrepreneur, Joe Queenan, emphasizes that the future of computing lies in quantum technology, as it has the potential to profoundly impact various important sectors such as aviation, batteries, and pharmaceuticals.


However, competition is fierce. China alone invests a whopping $10 billion annually in quantum computing. South Carolina aims to showcase its prowess in this field by establishing the quantum supercomputing hub in Five Points. Quantum computing, unlike traditional supercomputers, has the unique ability to solve multiple problems concurrently, opening up endless possibilities for innovation.

Additionally, the funding will facilitate the training and employment of experts in quantum computing. The South Carolina Quantum Association plans to collaborate with Benedict College to develop a diverse curriculum, enabling individuals from all backgrounds to have a pathway to success in this flourishing field.


This ambitious venture has garnered support from influential figures like Mayor Daniel Rickman, USC’s president, and State Senator **** Harpootlian, who recognizes the tremendous economic potential of establishing Columbia as a tech hub by utilizing its intellectual capital.

In a departure from last year, when the association’s $25 million earmark was vetoed by Governor Henry McMaster, this year’s proposal is more flexible. The association plans to rent time on an existing quantum computer, ensuring access to state-of-the-art technology that can be continuously updated.

Queenan, the driving force behind the South Carolina Quantum Association, optimistically states that the hub could be operational in just 45 days. Join us as we follow this groundbreaking initiative and witness how quantum supercomputing is poised to shape the future of technology in Columbia!

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A Columbia non-profit is getting $15M from the state budget in hopes of making Columbia hub for quantum supercomputing.

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