Samuel Gil, Partner at JME Ventures, on the Power of Community Building in VC
**Title:** Community Building Strategies in Venture Capital | Samuel Gil & Àlex Rogríguez Bacardit | Startup Grind

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In this engaging discussion at Startup Grind Barcelona, Samuel Gil, Partner at JME Ventures, and Àlex Rogríguez Bacardit, CEO & Founder at MarsBased, share valuable insights on community building around a venture capital firm. They touch on key topics such as startup fundraising, pitching to US VCs, and the essential things entrepreneurs need to know. Whether you’re a startup founder, investor, or simply interested in the world of venture capital, this conversation provides valuable information and strategies to help you navigate the startup ecosystem.

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Welcome to Startup Grind Barcelona! In this event, Samuel Gil from JME Ventures and Àlex Rogríguez Bacardit from MarsBased discuss the importance of community building within the venture capital industry. They also share their insights on startup fundraising, pitching techniques when approaching US VCs, and the essential knowledge every entrepreneur should possess.

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## Understanding Startup Grind Barcelona

Startup Grind Barcelona has been a significant player in the entrepreneurial community of Barcelona since February 2014. With a strong emphasis on hosting monthly events, they have consistently brought together entrepreneurs, investors, innovators, and disruptors in one central place. In the past, these events were physical, featuring lively fireside chats, open mic sessions, and networking opportunities. However, due to the pandemic, they have transitioned to an online format.

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## The Startup Grind Values

Startup Grind believes in the power of giving, building friendships, and supporting one another. As the largest global community for entrepreneurs, they actively promote a culture of transparency and openness. Their commitment to these values has made them a trusted platform for startups and investors worldwide. If you resonate with their philosophy and want to contribute to the growth of the entrepreneurial ecosystem by starting a chapter in your city, reach out to them.

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## Community Building as a Venture Capital Firm

Samuel Gil from JME Ventures shares a unique perspective on community building within the venture capital world. This approach has been integral to their deal flow and differentiation as an investor. JME Ventures embraces transparency, openness, and sharing a wealth of content. Samuel discusses how this strategy enables entrepreneurs to get to know the investor personally, bridging the information gap between them. By creating a familiar and approachable image, JME Ventures has been able to attract quality startups and develop strong relationships.

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## Strategy Evolution and Benefits

While JME Ventures didn’t have a specific strategy in mind initially, their commitment to sharing valuable content has evolved over time. Samuel shares that positive feedback from entrepreneurs and finding startups that align with his interests have reinforced the effectiveness of this approach. By focusing on specific topics, Samuel has seen direct results, such as sourcing deals related to those topics. The transparency and openness of JME Ventures have made them attractive partners for entrepreneurs who value collaboration and a shared learning experience.

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_Source: [Startup Grind Barcelona](

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In this event, Community building around a VC, with Samuel Gil (Partner @ JME Ventures) and Àlex Rogríguez Bacardit (CEO & Founder at MarsBased) talk about community building around a VC.

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