Mini, Squishy Combat Robots? OH YES!

# Maker’s Muse TPU 3D Printed Robot – The Genius of Flexible Printing Material
Looking for the most ingenious way to create a flexible robot? Angus from Maker’s Muse has got you covered! In this amazing video, he has used PLA flexible printing material to create the outer body of his robot, making it more sturdy to survive various robot battles.

As a popular 3D printer YouTuber, Angus has shared his extensive knowledge on 3D printing to create a robot that can withstand impacts and bouncing around the arena. If you’re new to 3D printing and ant way to BattleBots, this is the video for you.

By using flexible printing material, it’s a unique and smart way to ensure that your robot won’t get obliterated as soon as another robot hits it. This video has all the necessary information to help you create a robot that can compete in BattleBots.

Find the link to Angus’s video and full 3D printing tutorial on Electro maker show in our bio.

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Maker’s Muse TPU 3d Printed Robot is genius

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