“Redesigning Insurance with a Feminine Perspective: Creating a Purpose-Driven Space”

Rethinking Car Insurance: How Stella Insurance CEO Sam White is Driving Social Change

Sam White, CEO of Stella Insurance, is on a mission to revolutionize the insurance industry through a women-centric, purpose-driven lens. Her goal is to address the unique concerns of women that have been ignored by the traditional insurance practices, including domestic abuse and inappropriate levels of cover.

Looking at the Market Through a Female Lens

Sam White’s approach is to view the market through a female lens, as the insurance needs of women have not been adequately catered for in the past. For instance, car contents cover for women has traditionally been set too low and doesn’t reflect the value of goods carried. Women aren’t fond of answering unnecessary questions that can be used by insurance companies in the future, and they dislike loyalty penalties charged by insurers for long-standing policyholders.

Deeper Problems: Women Suffering from Domestic Abuse

Sam White has set out to address more fundamental issues in the car insurance industry, such as policies that repudiate claims if the damage has been committed by someone who is known to the claimant. For a woman suffering from domestic abuse, this could lead to a significant problem. She has developed a product that can be embedded in car insurance that will provide a fixed payout of between £2,500 and £5,000 in the case of domestic abuse. In Australia, the company donates $5 to the Women and Girls Emergency Centre. In the UK, they have partnered with Flyaway Foundation to support women who want to break the cycle of abuse.

Raising Capital as a “Purpose-Driven” Business

Sam White knows the challenges associated with raising capital for businesses, particularly those run by women. Although she hasn’t sought VC finance for her companies yet, she’s seen firsthand how difficult it can be for women to receive loans. However, she believes that embedding a “purpose-driven” element can still result in good numbers and that businesses can deliver both a profit and a social impact.

The Future of the Insurance Industry and Entrepreneurs

As the insurance industry evolves and embraces technologies such as big data and AI to price policies and assess claims, there is an opportunity for entrepreneurs to find ways to better serve their target markets. While big insurers may be set in their ways, entrepreneurs like Sam White can take a customer-first approach and creatively address issues such as those specific to women in the industry.

In conclusion, Sam White and Stella Insurance are leading the charge in rethinking car insurance through a women-centric and purpose-driven approach. By addressing issues affecting women and embedding social impact into their business model, they are challenging the traditional insurance industry and driving positive social change.

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