Engaging in a Discussion on IoT (Internet of Things) Hygiene

Thinking about life without the internet or cellular/mobile phones? In this video, Marley K shares their thoughts on this topic. They discuss the idea of preparing for a future without these technologies, as they believe they are connected to the “mark of the Beast” and can potentially lead to control over our lives. Marley K also touches on the dangers of sharing personal information and engaging with online communities, particularly those that promote racism or contribute to systemic oppression.

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In this video, Marley K delves into the concept of internet of things (IoT) hygiene. They discuss six key points to consider when thinking about living without the internet and digital devices. The first point emphasizes the importance of clearing out cloud storage and saving important documents and files on external hard drives or thumb drives. Marley K warns against relying too heavily on cloud storage, as access to the internet may not always be available.

The second point focuses on reducing social media footprints. Marley K encourages viewers to evaluate their online presence and consider minimizing their engagement on social media platforms. They highlight the potential risks associated with sharing personal information and the need to protect one’s privacy.

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Thinking about life without the internet of cellular/mobile phones. Just my thoughts. Eat the meat, spit out the bones.

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