Xsolla Unveils Exciting Collaborations to Empower Game Developers and Unveils Tokyo Expansion

**The Need for Sophisticated Parental Controls**

In a fireside chat, Chris Hewish, President and Interim CEO of Xsolla, and Dean Takahashi, lead writer of GamesBeat, discussed the growing direct-to-consumer trend in the gaming industry. Hewish highlighted the importance of the EU’s Digital Markets Act, which allows mobile game developers to have direct relationships with their players and expands their businesses beyond third-party platforms.

One key aspect that game companies need to focus on is implementing sophisticated parental controls. This was emphasized after Epic Games paid a $520 million fine for violating the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA). Xsolla recognizes the need for privacy and ethical treatment of children in the online gaming space. To address this, Xsolla has partnered with Privacy Vaults Online (PRIVO) to provide online privacy and safety solutions for its partners. By integrating these tools into its product suite, Xsolla ensures that its partners are protecting children and maintaining the integrity of their own companies.

**Bringing Actionable Data to Web Shops**

Xsolla has also partnered with AppsFlyer to bring cross-platform data analytics and insights to web shop owners. As mobile revenue continues to lead the game industry, web shops play a crucial role in driving online sales. The integration with AppsFlyer enables developers to gather and analyze user behavior data, both on the web and inside their games. This integration enhances measurement precision, user segmentation, and customer comprehension. Xsolla aims to provide its partners with the necessary tools to analyze, track, and optimize their online businesses as the industry grows.

**A Growing Global Footprint**

Recognizing the significance of the Japanese mobile game market, Xsolla has opened a new Tokyo location. The goal is to better serve existing and potential customers in Japan by establishing a direct connection and understanding of the local market. Xsolla has also focused on onboarding local payment methods in Japan, such as digital wallets, AliPay, and Line Pay. By integrating these payment options, Xsolla helps companies in Japan seize market opportunities and expand their businesses effectively. The company aims to provide localized value and gain a deeper understanding of specific regions to better serve its partners and players.

**Bringing New Cryptocurrency On Board**

Xsolla takes a cautious and methodical approach to integrating payment methods, prioritizing security and privacy. With 700 payment methods already integrated, including Bitcoin, Xsolla has partnered with to add even more cryptocurrency options. This partnership allows Xsolla’s partners and players to have a wider range of payment choices. It also positions Xsolla to be ready for the next wave of web3 native feature sets and gameplay. By proactively preparing for new technologies, Xsolla aims to support companies as they adopt direct-to-consumer strategies.

In conclusion, Xsolla is committed to assisting game developers in keeping pace with the rapidly evolving market. From implementing sophisticated parental controls to providing actionable data analytics, expanding its global presence, and integrating new cryptocurrency options, Xsolla strives to offer the best technology and integrations for its partners to seize new opportunities. As the industry continues to evolve, Xsolla remains dedicated to supporting developers in their journey towards direct-to-consumer success.

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