A Tech and Venture Capital-Filled Day in Jerusalem! #412

## **A Day in Jerusalem Exploring Israeli Tech Startups | HilzFuld Vlog**

Welcome to my vlog! In this episode, I take you on a journey through the vibrant city of Jerusalem, where I had the opportunity to meet some incredible individuals from the tech industry. From the Tikvah Fund team to David Feldman, Erel Margalit, and Fiona Darmon from the JVP team, and a lunch meeting with Shai Bernstein from Empower Africa, it was a day filled with fascinating conversations and insights. Join me as I share my experiences and showcase the innovative ideas that make Israel the “startup nation.”

But that’s not all! This vlog is not just about tech startups. Through my lens, you can also explore the beauty and culture of Israel. From its world-class restaurants and stunning beaches to its ancient historical landmarks, there’s so much to discover. I even took my drone out to capture the breathtaking scenery that Israel has to offer.

I value your feedback and suggestions! Let me know in the comments what aspects of the Israeli tech scene you’d like me to delve into further. I’m always eager to bring you closer to the people and stories shaping the future of technology in Israel.

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A day in the capital!

I spent the day in Jerusalem last week meeting some very smart people including the The Tikvah Fund team, David Feldman, Erel Margalit, and Fiona Darmon from the JVP team, and then lunch with Shai Bernstein from Empower Africa.

It was a really cool day! Episode 412 for your viewing pleasure…

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Thank you for checking out this episode of my vlog!

I regularly post content that revolves around Israeli tech startups, with a behind-the-scenes glimpse into the brilliant minds behind the innovations. It’s not for nothing that Israel has gone from being “startup nation,” to “scale-up” nation. Whether the products are hardware or software, or B2B’s or B2C’s, there is always much to learn from everyone- from the angel investors, to VC’s, to CEO’s, CMO’s, sales/marketing professionals, developers, interns, and more. That’s not all this vlog is about. You can also see all that Israel has to offer, from world-class restaurants, to gorgeous beaches, to scenic views, to ancient historical landmarks, and more. It’s always fun for me to take out my drone and capture all the glory that Israel has to offer. What would you like to get a closer look of in the Israeli tech scene? Let me know in the comments, and I’ll try to make it happen. Your feedback means a lot.

Special shoutout to my sponsor, B&H for their generosity in making this vlog possible. Please check out their site for all your photo, audio, video, mobile, computer needs:

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