Improved Performance of Yuzu, Xbox Officially Surrenders in Console Competition and More

**Title: Latest Gaming News and Emulation Updates | Yuzu, Simple64, StellaDS, and More!**

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– Timestamps and Topics covered in this video:
– 0:00 Yuzu Performance Improvements
– 0:47 Simple64 Netcode Rewrite
– 1:42 StellaDS for Nintendo DS
– 2:08 DREAMM on Linux
– 2:41 Alien Solder Romhacking
– 3:11 Xbox Admits Losing the Console Wars
– 3:34 E3 2024 and E3 2025 Canceled
– 3:53 Vampire Survivor Co-op Mode

For more details on the topics discussed in this video, check out the following sources:

– [Yuzu – Nintendo Switch Emulator](
– [Simple64 – N64 Emulator](
– [StellaDS – Atari 2600 VCS Emulator](
– [DREAMM – LucasArts Games Emulator](
– [Alien Soldier Romhacking](
– [Xbox Opens FTC Defense](
– [E3 2024 and E3 2025 Cancelled](
– [Vampire Survivor Co-op Mode]( (Video by PoncleGames)

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Hey all! In this video we go over the latest and greatest news in technology, gaming, open source and emulation!

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This video is for entertainment purposes only.

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0:00 Yuzu Performance Improvements
0:47 Simple64 netcode rewrite
1:42 StellaDS Nintendo DS
2:08 DREAMM on Linux
2:41 Alien Solder romhacking
3:11 Xbox lost the console wars
3:34 E3 is dead
3:53 Vampire Survivor co-op


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  1. Xbox/MS just doesn't care about "console" wars anymore. They already know where things are headed. Xcloud has a ways to go before leaving beta and providing a truly comparable experience to physical hardware, but it's impressive enough. GeForce Now is far ahead of the game in terms of quality, but as long as they can get close, that's the best they can hope for. Playstation cloud gaming is a miserable experience and they don't seem to be dedicating any resources into making it better when they have every resource to do so. All MS needs to do is make it possible to play games you own on Xbox on the cloud whether they're on Game Pass or not and they'll be in a really good place. People may dunk on cloud gaming still, but when internet infrastructure allows more places to have high speed unlimited connections, it will become a larger part of things. I've been an avid cloud gamer since Stadia, and when you have a suitable connection, it really does become indistinguishable from physical hardware. I've straight up had friends IRL tell me how amazing Cyberpunk 2077 runs maxed out on my PC, but when I tell them the game is running entirely on a cloud service, they're baffled.

  2. I like Alien Soldier, a little on the tough side, but I feel like it's more of a Boss rush game than something more dynamic like the original Gunstar Heroes which I love. (I have the GBA sequel, but it never inspired me like the Genesis version.) The console war will never be over, as long as there's a choice people will defend that choice like it's the air they breathe. E3 died years ago they're just burying the rotted corpse now.

  3. I'm happy to hear you say "no need to apologize" 😊 to any devs reading this: I appreciate & love what you do for us for free. Don't ever apologize, specially for updating the software 😮 you're the reason I, for one, can experience some great titles. Thanks for your hard work I feel like not enough people tell you guys "thanks 👍"

    Great video Mr. Sujano 👍 keep it up

  4. Microsoft "officially lost the console war" is to alay fears the CMA and FTC of cloud gaming monopoly concerns.

    Microsoft did not lose the "console wars" because they really didn't compete in the first place.
    MS have been more interested and focused on trying to sell services – Gamepass/Xcloud, than games.

  5. I just purchased my first Chinese retro emulation handheld a few hours ago. It's the $20 Data Frog SF2000. I knew about it a few months ago from Sonic Love Emulation. Then I saw TechDweeb talk about it recently and then I went, why the hell not?

    I'm a cheap MFER when it comes to gaming. I mean, why are some of us into retro emulation? To download FREE games! I swore to never buy one of these since I already have an Essential Phone, Pixel 3, Razr 5G, Galaxy Z Flip 3, modded PSP slim, and modded Vita slim to emulate all those old games. And I nearly got the Razr+ today.

    TechDweeb and his nerdy, nasal voice got me convinced. If it sucks, I'll just gift it to my nephews in the Philippines. They make perfect Kris Kringle gifts. I figured I wanted this because I love the SNES controller so much and I needed a backup to my Vita and PSP in case their buttons starts wearing off. A lot of old games, there's tons of button mashing. The Data Frog has a really nice form factor that I prefer over $60+ ones.

    I could easily just get an Abernic or Miyoo Mini Plus. But why spend 3-5x more and I have smartphones more powerful than them? Plus, I'm not the biggest fan of portrait handhelds. Miyoo Mini would start feeling cramped. I prefer landscape handhelds. With a bad economy, it's all about being as frugal as we can. ROG Ally might be better than a Steam Deck, but I'll get the cheapest Deck to save $200-$300.

    I think the SF2000 is going to be fun. It's a cheap handheld you can throw in a bag and not care if it breaks. I'm aware it's not great with SNES and GBA emulation. I'm fine with that. NES, Genesis, and MAME are good enough for me! I'm going to play a lot of Street Fighter II': Special Champion's Edition on the thing. I mean, ETA Prime paid $15 to get that McNugget handheld that had only Tetris. SF2000 seems way better than that.

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