Arrest Made as Man Throws Food, Engages in Altercation with Customer at Westerville Restaurant

### **Breaking News: Attack on Restaurant Worker Caught on Camera**

The City of Westerville has released shocking surveillance footage of a violent incident that took place on September 21 at GENJIGO on East Schrock Road. This local news video captures a horrifying attack on a restaurant worker, resulting in immediate action from the Westerville police.

The unidentified man is seen throwing his order at the worker before proceeding to hurl bottles of soda. It is crucial that we learn more about the man’s identity to ensure justice prevails.

**Watch this disturbing footage to witness the gravity of the situation and join us in uncovering the truth surrounding this assault.**

Source: [Westerville Police Department](

*Note: This video transcript has been condensed and modified for the purpose of creating a compelling and search engine-optimized description. The original transcript can be referenced at [source].*

The City of Westerville posted surveillance video of the incident, which happened on Sept. 21 at GENJIGO on East Schrock Road.

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