Police seek customer’s statement regarding shooting incident at Houston taqueria: Legal expert elaborates on the reasons

### [Video Title]: Shooting Inside Restaurant – Self-Defense or Excessive Force? | Local News Crime Update

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In this gripping local news crime update, we delve into a shocking incident that took place at Ranchito Taqueria in Southwest Houston. Surveillance footage from less than 24 hours ago captures a masked man entering the restaurant, wielding what appeared to be a real gun, and demanding customers’ wallets. What happened next has sparked a heated debate.

A courageous customer seated in a booth quickly recognized the imminent threat and drew his gun in defense. In a matter of moments, he fired nine shots at the suspect, tragically killing him. The customer then showed incredible presence of mind, moving the suspect’s lifeless body and retrieving the stolen money. To his surprise, he discovered that the assailant’s weapon was actually a fake, but his tackling of the threat remains unquestionably genuine.

While many hail this customer as a hero, law enforcement seeks to further understand the circumstances surrounding this act of self-defense. KHOU’s Legal Analyst, Carmen Roe, explains the importance of determining whether the customer genuinely feared for his life or the lives of others. As she emphasizes, such fear is critical for establishing a valid self-defense claim according to the law.

Roe supports the notion that the initial act of shooting in self-defense can justify continued shots until the deadly threat is eliminated. She underlines that the authenticity of the suspect’s weapon is irrelevant, as everyone inside the restaurant believed it to be real. However, questions have arisen regarding the customer’s decision to leave the scene afterward. Although staying to answer police questions would have been advisable, there is no legal obligation to remain in a situation like this.

As authorities continue their investigation, they urge any witnesses or individuals with relevant information about the shooting to contact them promptly. Let’s come together to help shed light on this astounding incident and understand the implications of self-defense versus excessive force.

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KHOU Legal Analyst Carmen Roe said the shooting appears to be in self-defense but police want to find out whether or not he was in fear for his life.

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  1. Cops want to lock him up, don't talk to them for anything. If they want to investigate let them investigate. You have the right to remain silent and have no legal obligation to help them investigate. They ONLY want to catch you up with word gymnastics.

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