Parent Input on Budget: CMS Seeks Feedback

## **[YouTube Video Title] – CMS Budget Town Hall: Parents Voice Concerns Over School Funding**

Welcome to our latest video on CMS budget town hall where parents and community members were given the opportunity to voice their concerns and opinions about school funding for the upcoming year. In just over a month, Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools (CMS) leaders will present the district’s multi-billion dollar budget to board members. As usual, they are bracing for potential resistance to their spending requests from state and county sources [[WCNC news](].

At the town hall, parents emphasized the need for increased funding for teachers, school bus drivers, and other important programs. CMS has been grappling with budget shortfalls in various areas that have had a direct impact on families. One area of concern is the shortage of school bus drivers, which has resulted in significant delays and inconvenience for students and parents alike. Sharon Alexander, a parent who attended the town hall, highlighted the importance of addressing the driver shortage issue [[WCNC news](].

The CMS budget town hall allowed parents to share their views and influence decisions on how funding should be allocated for CMS services. Parents appreciated the strategic approach taken by CMS in budgeting and the transparency provided in terms of fund allocation. However, some concerns were raised regarding the format of the meetings and the limited opportunity for spontaneous discussions. Parents felt that a forum for more in-depth and direct questions would have been beneficial [[WCNC news](].

In addition to addressing concerns about school bus drivers, another important topic discussed at the town hall was the introduction of express bus stops for magnet programs. Parents expressed a desire for increased funding to ensure that these express bus stops are implemented as planned in the upcoming year. The allocation of funds to support transportation needs was a key area of focus for parents at the meeting [[WCNC news](].

Thank you for watching our video on the CMS budget town hall, where parents and community members had the opportunity to voice their concerns and priorities regarding school funding. Stay tuned for more updates on CMS budget season and how it will impact students, teachers, and parents in the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools District. Don’t forget to like, share, and subscribe!

In just over a month, Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools leaders will reveal its next multi-billion dollar budget to board members for the upcoming school year.

CMS is funded mostly by state and county dollars, and like in previous years, they’re likely to get some pushback on what they request.

But before any negotiations happen, the district is asking parents and community members in town halls what they want to see funded in the upcoming budget.

At its first of at least four town halls, parents asked CMS to focus on more money for teachers, school bus drivers, and other programs.

CMS has dealt with several budget shortfalls in different areas that have directly impacted families.


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