Governor Edwards achieves victory in redistricting ruling: Clancy’s Commentary

[Clancy Dubos](, Eyewitness News political analyst and gambit columnist, discusses Louisiana’s ongoing battle over redrawing congressional districts in order to create a second black or minority district. In this week’s commentary, Clancy delves into the controversy surrounding Governor John Bel Edwards’ veto of Louisiana’s new congressional districts, which were ultimately overridden by Republican lawmakers.

Clancy emphasizes the importance of having two majority black districts in Louisiana, highlighting that the state’s current configuration does not accurately reflect its population demographics. With black citizens accounting for approximately one-third of the population, the math seems clear: Louisiana’s congressional districts need to be redrawn.

Drawing a parallel to Alabama’s recent ruling, where the Supreme Court rejected the state’s map containing only one black district, Clancy points out that Louisiana’s plan is even more concerning. While Attorney General Jeff Landry argues that the two plans are dissimilar, Clancy believes that Louisiana’s plan is, in fact, worse.

Despite the ongoing legal battle and the Supreme Court’s decision regarding Alabama’s map, Clancy asserts that the fight for fair representation for black citizens is far from over. He encourages viewers to email their thoughts to [email protected], making it clear that this issue is a matter of opinion and open for discussion.

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Louisiana’s six congressional districts are back in court and may have to be redrawn to create a second Black or minority district.

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