#2 CapHorn Invest and Kima Ventures: Mastering the Approach to a VC

[Music] Welcome to the YouTube channel of! In this video, Alexis Robert and François from Cap Horn discuss the art of investing in generalist funds versus specialized funds. They provide arguments and concrete examples to help viewers understand what it takes to succeed in the investment industry.

Alexis, a partner at Cap Horn, shares his insights on the two main factors they consider when evaluating potential investments. The first is the founders’ ability to learn and execute, and the second is their expertise in the chosen market. He explains that they analyze the founders’ execution speed, learning abilities, and ask questions about their past experiences to gauge their potential.

The duo also discusses the importance of screening and pre-selection in their investment process. They emphasize the significance of traction in the past six to nine months, credible business plans for the next year, and the potential for exit opportunities.

Furthermore, they touch on the importance of a well-crafted pitch and recommend founders to watch online videos and study best practices before approaching them. They also mention that while email inquiries are accepted, it is often challenging to stand out among the numerous applications they receive. Instead, they encourage founders to leverage their network and seek introductions within their ecosystem.

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