Mayah Murrell: Breaking Barriers in Dance with Generation Next

# **12-Year-Old Dancer Mayah Murrell: Inspiring Others through Dance**

Through hard work and sacrifice, 12-year-old dancer Mayah Murrell is using her platform to inspire others in her community through the universal language of dance. In our latest Generation Next segment, Keisha Marie Charles highlights the incredible journey of this aspiring performer.

From Trinidad and Tobago, Mayah has already mastered various dance styles at such a young age. With a passion for ballet, modern jazz, contemporary, and more, she shares her love for the mesmerizing Krelani fusion style. Mayah welcomes every opportunity to compete, and she has achieved remarkable success, including a fourth-place position in the 2022 12 and under competition and participation in the World Championships of Performing Arts in 2020.

Mayah’s dedication to her craft extends beyond herself. She aims to change the stigma associated with her hometown and inspire the youth in her community through her dance ministry. Hard work, discipline, and sacrifice are essential components of her journey, and she hopes that others will understand the importance of these values when they witness her performances.

Mayah’s strong familial support, especially from her mother, has been the backbone of her career. Her mother’s constant presence and encouragement have propelled her forward, teaching her the importance of discipline and persistence in everything she does.

With dance being her true passion, Mayah intends to pursue it relentlessly and dreams of having her own dance studio someday. As she continues to reach for the stars and follow her dreams, she reminds aspiring performers to stay focused, disciplined, and consistent in their pursuit of success, even in the face of adversity.

Join us in celebrating the remarkable journey of Mayah Murrell, a young dancer dedicated to inspiring others through the power of dance. Watch the full video to witness her outstanding talent and hear her words of wisdom for Generation Next.


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Through hard work and sacrifice, 12 year old dancer Mayah Murrell intends to use her platform through dance to inspire others in her community.

In today’s Generation Next segment, Keisha Marie Charles highlights the journey of this aspiring performer.

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