Analyzing the European Venture Capital Landscape at Summit

**Title: Dissecting the European VC Landscape – Summit**


In this exciting panel discussion at the Summit, industry experts come together to dissect the European VC landscape. Join Michael Cogley, Insider, as he moderates a conversation with Cleo Sham, Partner at Stride.VC, Deepali Nangia, Partner at Speedinvest, and Dr. Ricardo Schäfer, Partner at Target Global, as they share their insights and experiences in the world of venture capital.


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We’ve been talking about unforeseen sky so our first moderator um will be replaced so robin don’t run away i need you we need a new moderator because we’re gonna talk about how we can dissect the european vc landscape and we have great speakers that will join for this Panel and let me briefly introduce them to you regardless schaffer partner at target global vc we also welcome dipali nangia who’s a partner at speed invest and cleo cham who’s a partner at stride vc so we are ready to dissect the vc landscape with the three of you and Please give them a warm applause seats are ready [Applause] Thank you so much for joining there’s this expression in english break a leg when you wish someone good luck uh michael cogley was supposed to moderate this session actually broke his leg yesterday so he’s stuck in london for a good reason so we’ll forgive him for that I’m taking over the panel which i’m super excited about because i love talking about vcu i was talking about europe so that’s what we’re going to talk about now um we you got a very brief introduction but maybe you can do a little bit better and like a short bio Department you want to sure thank you for having me and saul it’s a very hard act to follow so i’ll try my best but i’m a partner at speed invest with a focus on female and diverse founders i’m also co-founder of an angel community which i set up pre-pandemic with three Others um it is to we set it up to create the next generation of female angel investors with about 350 people 70 female 30 male and have invested about 5 million dollars into female founders over the last 18 months great elevator pitch cleo um hi everyone yeah thanks for having me Here um clio partner at stride bc uh a boutique london-based um seed fund really focusing on focus investing in the early stages uh we’re non-thematic so we’re generalists and really focused on kind of taking an operational approach and and helping founders with company building and before stride i was Uh at uber for four and a half years and also operator and uh at a growth stage startup called spotted home seo you make it sound so easy she built uber china and then she came over to me at build their operation super impressive um can you lower your microphone just a Bit cleo ricardo hey robin hi everyone i’m rick partner at target global we are a pan-european stage agnostic fund with an early stage fund with a growth fund was spread out across a couple of offices berlin london tel aviv and we invest anywhere between kind of From 500k up to 20 30 million uh in our growth fund and i’m very happy to be here thanks for joining uh okay let’s kick off you heard saul klein talk about the next 20 years are going to be the best europe has ever seen do you agree with This i assume because as vcs you have to be optimist but why can you articulate why clio maybe start with you and why we’re polish on this why are you bullish on europe yeah as saul mentioned right this europe is the home to a lot of primary research And really strong academia and we’ve really seen the ecosystem blossom over the past few years and now as a founder you’ve got so much choice in terms of where you can find capital right be it local european seed funds like ourselves and then also there’s american venture funds that are setting up shop In europe um the likes of sequoia lightspeed and as a founder there’s just a lot more access to not only capital but also knowledge and specialist expertise um and obviously there are funds like augmentum and fintech uh or paradigm in crypto right so in terms of learning and access to networks it’s Just a much stronger landscape than it’s ever been ricardo i’m guessing you subscribe to that as well so just to understand the question correctly why europe is why it’s not good time why are you so bullish about a company in europe yeah look i mean i think um there’s just Generally more talent around than it was 10 20 years ago kind of more experienced operators obviously also more experienced founders second third time founders people that were kind of management layers at now big platforms companies that got listed and now you see kind of people kind of starting Their own companies and then of course there’s a capital side as you described right there’s um not just early stage but particularly on the late stage side right um that allows companies to stay longer private and so i think that’s a must now that public markets are shot uh and and um I think you know thirdly i’d say uh you know back in the days it was kind of important to start your company in one of the hubs and and with kind of more talent and more capital and also kind of the shift into kind of remote work it’s just easier to Start a company from anywhere in europe right um so yeah i think so much positive and so so much optimism but deepali i also want to hear about the problems that we’re still facing yeah i mean obviously diversity is a big challenge which is what i work towards you know We females are 50 of the consumer base but still receive very little venture capital um and diverse founders the same valuations you know we’re talking about valuations um they tend to receive much lower valuations than than most mainstream founders so that is definitely a challenge but i’ve Seen i’ve been working with women for the last eight or nine years i’ve seen a huge shift that is changing i am seeing more and more women trying to build large scalable businesses and also getting financing although at a much slower pace you know speed invest Brought me on with the focus on female and diverse founders and i think it’s the only fund in europe i started as a venture partner and now partner just focusing on that um then obviously there’s the valuation question which is very topical at this point i still feel There’s a lot of money in the market so i’m not really seeing pre-seed and seed valuations come down yet but that will also change but having said that they’ll always be good entrepreneurs getting funded at good valuations so a little less concerned because we’re really in the long game Perfect timing for a quick plug there’s going to be a session on diversity and inclusion moderated by myself on the other stage after the break so if you’re interested in topic please join us as well because it’s a massive problem indeed you mentioned start evaluations that’s an obvious one because There is pressure when we started organizing this conference back in december january the world looked a bit different so there’s a lot of pressure on on entrepreneurs now especially the seed stage you know there’s talk about valuations going down down rounds you know investment stalling or even freezing uh So what’s going to happen next how long is this going to going to be the the case cleo yeah i guess we’ve all seen the news right in the public markets with rates going up um growth valuation multiples have really started being compressed and i think Um obviously there’s a lot of pain in the growth stages but in the earlier stages say not even early but series b’s and c’s i think there that’s where it’s quite challenging at the moment in that you know strong companies are obviously still able to raise…

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