Europe: A Promising Hub for “Deep Tech” – Insights from Samantha Jérusalmy, Partner at Elaia Partners

## Short Interview with Samantha Jérusalmy from Elaia Partners | Private Equity and Venture Capital Conference in Dublin

Welcome to our short interview with Samantha Jérusalmy, a Partner at Elaia Partners, as we bring you the highlights from our Private Equity and Venture Capital conference in Dublin.

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In this interview, Samantha answers some important questions about the current updates on Elaia Partners and whether Europe can become the new home of “deep tech”.

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### Interview Highlights:
– Samantha shares the latest updates on Elaia Partners, a leading investment fund with over 50 investments in early-stage deep tech companies.
– Can Europe, with its manufacturing heritage, become the new hub for “deep tech”? Find out Samantha’s insights and opinions.

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> “Basically, Elaia Partners is an investment fund that has been creating opportunities since 2002. We have raised $250 million so far and have a total of 250 million under management. Our investments range from series A funding for early-stage deep tech companies like Cryaotic, Fox Cheese, and Miracle. In 2017, we raised our fourth fund, amounting to $150 million, and have made almost ten investments through this fund, totaling to 30 companies. In addition, we are currently raising a new fund called Cassell Investment Fund, which is a consortium of research laboratories in France. We believe that Europe, and particularly France, with its excellent engineering schools and focus on technology, has the potential to lead in deep technologies. It’s time for us to seize this opportunity and be at the forefront of technology advancements.”

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Short interview with Samantha Jérusalmy, Partner @ Elaia Partners
at our Private Equity and Venture Capital conference in Dublin.

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In the interview Samantha answered the following questions:
– Could you share with us current updates on Elaia Partners?
– Based on our manufacturing heritage, can Europe become the new home of “deep tech”?

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