Samantha Jérusalmy (Elaia Partners) Explores the Major Obstacles Faced by European VC Funds

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Join Samantha Jérusalmy, Partner at Elaia Partners, as she shares valuable insights on the challenges faced by European VC funds in this exclusive interview at the 0100 Conferences Private Equity and Venture Capital conference in Dublin, Ireland.

In this thought-provoking discussion, Samantha addresses key questions such as:

– What are the biggest challenges faced by European VC funds?
– Where do you see the European VC market heading in the coming months?

With the European VC landscape witnessing an unprecedented increase in funding, Samantha sheds light on the importance of maintaining performance levels in line with the growing investment opportunities. As the amount raised by investment funds continues to rise, startups now have access to more capital than ever before, making it crucial for VCs to ensure a balance between investments and exits. Samantha also highlights the potential for corporates to embrace digital transformation and acquire innovative startups, emphasizing the need for risk-taking in this ever-evolving landscape.

Don’t miss out on this fascinating interview packed with insights from one of the industry’s leading experts. Join the conversation and stay ahead in the world of private equity and venture capital.

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“I guess the biggest one is performance because we’ve seen that we’ve raised a lot of money in 2017 more than 2016 and it might be the case this year also so there is much more investment fund there’s much more money raised by those investment fund a lot of first-time players so a lot of money on the table for startups at the end comparing to the exits the average amount of exit in Europe is close to 50 million so that might be a real issue to make sure we’re still performing in this pace considering the Mandic we raise and the amount the average amount of exits in Europe so I guess the main challenge is how to make sure or corporates are buying the startups that we invest in to buy those but I’m quite surprised but what’s happening in terms of amount raised so I guess it’s either the beginning of a bubble or the beginning of something very key for Europe and French particularly to to deal with and to play with I don’t want to be pessimistic so I said that maybe it’s the beginning of something really huge and fat vada and I hope so but who knows so just be clear on performance and we’re here to make sure we’re doing everything.”

Short interview with Samantha Jérusalmy, Partner @ Elaia Partners
at our Private Equity and Venture Capital conference in Dublin.

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In the interview Samantha answered the following questions:
– What are the biggest challenges of European VC funds?
– Where do you see the European VC market over the next months?

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