The Role of Pricing Strategy in Business Models: An Exploration by Dieter Rappold and Speedinvest Pirates

Welcome to the Second Annual Marketplace Conference, hosted by Speedinvest x, Autotech Ventures, Market One Capital, and Point Nine Capital. This event brings together marketplace founders, venture capitalists, and subject matter experts to explore the current and future trends in marketplaces and network effects.

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In this video, Dieter Rappold, from Speedinvest Pirates, discusses the importance of pricing strategies in business. Many founders neglect to spend enough time considering pricing strategies, but it is a crucial aspect of business modeling with the potential to greatly impact your bottom line.

Rappold systematically breaks down the various factors in pricing, including costs, target customers, competition, revenue targets, market conditions, and positioning within the market. By understanding and optimizing these factors, businesses can leverage pricing as a powerful driver of profitability.

Rappold provides an insightful example that demonstrates the significant impact of pricing on profit. He further explores the psychological effects of discounting and emphasizes the importance of considering the additional workload required to maintain profitability when making concessions.

To gain a deeper understanding of pricing, Rappold delves into the foundations of market theory and its connection to pricing. He highlights the historical relationship between price and value, emphasizing the concept of perceived value. Even in commodity businesses, perceived value can vary significantly, presenting opportunities for differentiation and pricing strategies.

Join us in this video as Dieter Rappold shares valuable insights and strategies for effective pricing in the marketplace industry.

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For more information about the [Second Annual Marketplace Conference](, hosted by Speedinvest x, Autotech Ventures, Market One Capital, and Point Nine Capital, visit [](

The second annual Marketplace Conference, hosted by Speedinvest x, Autotech Ventures, Market One Capital and Point Nine Capital, on November 28, 2018 in Berlin united marketplace founders, VCs, and subject matter experts to discuss the present and the future of marketplaces and network effects.

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