Adobe Express Enhances Capabilities with AI Integration in its Latest Update

Adobe Express Integrates AI and Video Editing Tools for a Better User Experience

Adobe Express is a content creation service that has been given a huge upgrade with artificial intelligence (AI) tools and video editing capabilities. In addition, the service now allows the editing of PDFs. These updates provide users with a comprehensive all-in-one editor experience.

AI Tools to Make Content Creation Easier

Adobe Express is designed to help users create different types of content, from social media posts to printed posters and promotional flyers. With the new update, there is even more that one can achieve, especially with the integration of AI tools. One of the most exciting additions is the two AI tools named Adobe Firefly. These AI-powered tools can generate images from text prompts and add textures to lettering, such as applying a pink balloon text effect to the word “party.”

According to Govind Balakrishnan, Senior Vice President of Creative Cloud Products and Services at Adobe, the tools are a result of the company’s progress in AI hardware. He said, “We have a tonne of AI power that is now available right through the product, which makes it easy for you to not have to start with a blank screen. Not only do we have templates, but we also have template recommendations. We have the ability to apply effects to text, not just through the Firefly capabilities, but even to the layout of text, based on the understanding that the text engine has of the content, and the context of the content, and where the text is within the content.”

Video Editing Capability Added for the First Time

Aside from the AI tools, Adobe is also bringing video editing functionality to Adobe Express for the first time, with the aim of creating a comprehensive all-in-one editor. Users will be able to edit video clips and combine them to create a fully-fledged video. The editor includes templates optimized for TikTok and Instagram.

Adobe has also made available a large library of stock video and music content to be used as background audio. Additionally, users have the option to record their own voice and use it to narrate their videos.

Collaborative Editing Capability and Integration with Other Adobe Products

Adobe Express now has collaborative editing ability, which means that two or more users can work on the same project simultaneously. Adobe Express users can also import assets from other Adobe products like Photoshop and Illustrator. If changes are made in these applications, they will automatically update and be reflected in Adobe Express.


The latest Adobe Express updates bring users more tools and functionalities, and highlight Adobe’s commitment to delivering premium content creation services. Adobe Express is now the most comprehensive all-in-one editor available, offering everything from social media posts to printed posters, promotional flyers, videos, and now even PDFs. The latest features are available in the desktop browser-based version of Adobe Express, with the mobile app updates to be rolled out in the near future.

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