Upcoming Apple Product Releases: Apple Watch Ultra and Highly-Anticipated MacBooks on the Horizon

# Apple Watch Ultra Rumor: Latest Updates on Apple’s Product Roadmap
In this video, we bring you the latest updates on Apple’s product roadmap, with a focus on the highly anticipated Apple Watch Ultra. According to a recent report, Apple is planning to launch three new models in their autumn series, including two Apple Watch Series 9 models and a second-generation Ultra[^1^].

The attention of Apple enthusiasts has shifted towards the rumored Apple Watch Ultra since its introduction at WWDC as part of Apple’s Vision Pro[^1^]. Renowned analyst Mark Gurman has summarized the product roadmap for the second half of 2023 and the first half of 2024, where the iPhone 15 series and three new Apple Watch models take the spotlight[^1^].

Among these models are the Clocks N207, N208, and N210, with the first two being part of the Apple Watch Series 9 lineup, while the third is an updated version of the Ultra[^1^]. Gurman’s roadmap also includes other exciting products, such as 14 and 16-inch Pro models, the 13-inch Pro, new Air models (M3 and M3 Max versions), and the possibility of iMacs with larger than 30-inch screens[^1^].

Additionally, Gurman hints at a new iPad Air that is expected to replace the existing M1 model, as well as renewed iPad Pro models featuring OLED displays[^1^].

Stay tuned for more updates on Apple’s product roadmap and be the first to know about the exciting innovations they have in store for us.

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[^1^]: [Source Title](source-link)

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If you buy from our links, we can buy a commission. Apple Watch Ultra Rumor score Apple’s product version roadmap, three launch for autumn, two Apple Watch series 9 models and a second -generation Ultra also claims a report. Following introduction Apple Vision Pro in WWDC, attention of rumor turns into rest Apple’s product catalog. Among the devices in which Apple is a part of the normal autumn series, there are triple Apple Watch models. Mark Gurman summarizes product roadmap in second half 2023 and in first half of 2024.At top list, Gurman, as well as iPhone 15 series, offers three Apple Watch. Clocks N207, N208 and N210, two are part of the Apple Watch Series 9, and the third is a “updated version of Ultra. Other products listed on the roadmap include 14 16 -inch Pro equipped 13 Pro, M3 and M3 Max versions new Air models.24 Inch screens, a few imacs are expected, but apparently more than 30 inches.In a version with the screen, “Early Working” also happens. Gurman for iPads says a new iPad Air is expected to change the existing M1 model as well as renewed iPad Pro models with OLED display.

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